Which Type of Glass Works Best for Iron Doors?

Are you renovating your home or getting a home makeover and don’t know what kind of glass to put in your new iron door? These beautiful doors can be elevated even further with different aesthetically pleasing patterns that each have their own functions. Each glass design works best with a different wrought iron door design.

Whether you love your privacy or want to enjoy the views outside your patio door, here are some of the best glass styles for you!

Rain glass

One of the most popular options is the rain glass design. This beautiful design makes it look like there are drops of rain flowing down the glass. People love it due to its low visibility—it’s 3 out of 10—so anyone who looks inside the home through the glass will only be able to see shadows.

It’s a timeless and classic style that can be used with virtually any iron door design, including modern, rustic, traditional, and classic wrought iron doors.

Low-E clear

On the completely opposite end from the rain glass, the classic Low E clear glass has the highest visibility of 10, and it’s exactly the same as its description—completely clear. There’s a protective but invisible tint on the surface of the glass that reduces heat inside the home by blocking UV light during hours of sunlight.

Glass is a staple for classic, traditional, and modern steel and iron door designs. This glass is used almost exclusively for French doors to match the glass in the windows—giving a put-together and aesthetically pleasing result. If you have a bi-fold, sliding, or barn door—this is the perfect option for you!

Frost glass

As wrought iron door designs get more modern, frost glass has started to become a popular choice. This low visibility glass (1 out of 10) retains your privacy, ensuring that no one can look into your home. This glass is the opposite of clear glass and is used mainly on minimal and modern door designs by people who want complete privacy.

Glue chip, Flemish, and Aquatex glass

There are many other glass designs that are similar to rain glass in terms of visibility, such as ripple, flue chip, Flemish, and more. All these styles have a visibility of 5 out of 10, with the design based completely on the customer’s preference.

This style of glass looks amazing with traditional iron door designs that incorporate classic and intricately curved scroll works.

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