Why Iron and Steel French Doors Are a Great Choice

If you've heard of French doors before, it was for good reason.

Massive amounts of natural light from glass surfaces, an open design that bridges the gap between the interior and exterior, streamlined style with clear lines and few details, and an elegant, modern look. These are the defining qualities of French doors. It's also what made them so popular in commercial and residential construction ever since the design appeared.

Like all doors and windows, French doors were traditionally wooden. Not a surprise since the material was historically the most common and widely available. But the world didn't always have custom steel doors handcrafted by a professional team.

Now, that's precisely what we offer.

PINKYS provides exceptional, energy-efficient iron and steel French door designs with premium glass. Our doors can do more than reduce your energy bills and increase your home's curb appeal - they'll create an air of light and freedom in your house.

Before we get into the details of PINKYS iron and steel French doors, let's look at what French doors are and what makes them so renowned.

What Are French Doors?

French doors are distinctive in several ways. First, they're made of glass rather than metal, wood, or fiberglass panels. Next, there's the iron or steel construction. But what you'll notice the most on French doors is the abundance of glass, made to let as much light through as possible.

Next, interior and exterior French doors are, as a rule, a double-door design. However, it's not a classic double-door setup - French doors have no center post. Instead, the doors are supported by hinges and tailored to meet in the middle. This design solution makes French doors maximally open and unobtrusive, making the advantages of this design immediately apparent: more natural light and vast open space. When this door type is installed as the front or patio doors, it connects the interior with the exterior. On the other hand, placing French doors inside will create direct contact between rooms.

French doors aren't all positive, though. There are downsides.

For instance, depending on the type of glass installed, this door type may offer little to no privacy. To that end, French exterior doors shouldn't have completely transparent glass, which isn't a massive issue - PINKYS iron and steel French doors come with a wide selection of glass from clear to textured.

Installation-wise, French doors will require special project considerations. In particular, the wall framing will need to be adjusted to achieve full mobility. This, too, can become less complex with PINKYS since we're a steel door manufacturer with extensive experience. Once you order PINKYS iron or steel French doors, you'll get clear instructions on how to take measurements and install them. Still, the fact is that this door type won't fit standard framing.

A Brief History of French Doors

So far, we've covered most aspects of French doors, barring one: Where do they originate?

To answer that question, we'll need to go back in history, where matters get complicated. First of all, note that the term "French doors" is often used interchangeably with double doors, particularly in the U.S. If we follow that understanding of French doors, we can trace their roots all the way to the classical era when Roman villas often utilized the double door design.

However, we'll stick to the narrower definition of French doors as a double-door variant with glass panels and no central post. In that sense, French doors go back to the 16th-17th century.

Two origins of this door type are possible. The first is that French doors were a product of design innovations that flourished during the Renaissance. The second implies that French doors aren't French at all, and they were, in fact, an import from Italy.

In the 1500s, France was involved in a series of conflicts taking place on the Italian peninsula. During the prolonged military presence in the area, the French, naturally, came in contact with local architecture. The design of the expansive double doors left a particular impression and soon started to be introduced throughout France. This theory of origin is connected with other points we've discussed, making it quite logical that this theory is closer to true.

For instance, we've mentioned that double-door designs appeared in Roman architecture. The Roman Empire sprung from the Italian peninsula, making the connection to the Italian culture of the Middle Ages obvious. Furthermore, Italy had its Renaissance earlier than France, which would explain the opinion that French doors originated during the French Renaissance.

But if French doors come from Italy, why do we call them "French?"

The reason is straightforward. This door type spread from France into Western Europe and Great Britain and, from there, into the New World. Thus, when we in the U.S. talk about double doors with glass panels, we call them after the country that introduced the design to our part of the world.

After this short history lesson, we can get to the crucial part of the story: What iron or steel French doors can you get installed in your residential or commercial space? Let's see what PINKYS has to offer in that regard.

PINKYS French Door Solutions

As a professional iron and steel door manufacturer, PINKYS creates premium designs of French and other door styles. For example, we have several lines of single-door models, as well as doors and windows in every style, from classic to modern. When it comes to French doors, PINKYS designers maintain a high standard of quality in every detail. That's precisely why our flagship AIR products carry world-class French door variants with pride. PINKYS doors are custom made but uncomplicated to install, and they're so durable that they may last you a lifetime. Here's an overview of our leading French door products.

Custom Steel Doors

PINKYS steel French doors primarily come from the AIR series. In particular, AIR 4, 5, and 7 feature this door type. We also have models from the Getty line, although those doors aren't entirely made of glass panels. All of the mentioned steel French doors come in flat and arched variants. Importantly, AIR 4, 5, and 7, as well as Getty models are exterior doors. Flat top models of Getty, AIR 4, and AIR 5 doors can also be thermally broken for improved energy efficiency.

The selection is more limited for interior steel French door models. In this case, you can choose from AIR 4 and 5 doors, and both will only come in flat variants.

Custom Iron Doors

PINKYS has a somewhat broader offer of iron doors compared to steel French doors. As mentioned, those models include the AIR 4, 5, and 7, and Getty, but we offer some extra options, too: Beverly, Knox, and Roadtrip. It's worth mentioning that the additional models aren't actual French doors made with expansive glass surfaces. Instead, these variants are more akin to Getty doors, featuring metal panels.

Finally, we should conclude this section by mentioning the sidelight options for PINKYS doors. You can get most of our models with additional panels positioned to the left, right, or on both sides of the door.

While the handcrafted iron or steel construction makes up the core of our doors, the glass is where you can get even more variety, both in terms of style and privacy.

Best Glass Types for Your Iron and Steel French Door Designs

When you have a door that mainly consists of glass surfaces, the choice of the actual glass will matter a lot. With PINKYS, you can install a style of glass that allows for a completely clear view of the exterior or opt for something that will make the interior more private. This will come down to how open you want your house or business space to look. Additionally, a different glass type will produce a distinct impression. To that end, some will be more fitting for exterior doors and windows, while others may find better use in an interior space like a living room or bathroom.


Starting with the standard, Low-E represents the stock option on all PINKYS doors. This glass type is completely clear and isn't made for privacy – anyone will be able to see inside. But in exchange, Low-E will provide plenty of natural light.

Low-E glass is most suitable for windows, patio doors, and interior French door variants. Putting this glass on your front house doors might not be the best solution. However, it's worth considering due to its exceptional energy efficiency.


With Frost/Sandblast, you get a high level of privacy along with an elegant, modern look. Doors and windows equipped with Frost/Sandblast will reduce visibility to a minimum - it will be like applying a delicate coat of paint to the surface.

The possible downside of this glass type is that it may be a bit too private for some. Namely, you won't be able to see who's approaching the door until the visitor gets very close to the glass surface. To create a solution for the issue, install additional windows or security cameras.


The Flemish glass style gives the space a distinctive look with interesting contours. The glass will look great on your French door and let in plenty of exterior light, as well as provide energy efficiency that is the staple of PINKYS doors.

Initially, it may seem that Flemish glass obscures the view, and that may be true from certain angles. Yet, the glass will prove an insufficient solution for those looking for ultimate privacy. It will produce a diffused effect but the shapes inside the house, as well as their details, can be discerned from a smaller distance.


If you're looking for a stylistic match to your home or a way to transform your entryway, Rain glass will be an excellent choice. Durable and elegant, it can make any double or single-door look modern and fresh. On the other hand, Rain glass will do little to isolate the interior space visually.

Visitors close to the door will have clear lines of sight inside. Those further away won't be able to discern every detail, but will still see interior shapes with relative ease.


Aquatex is a moderately private glass style with a textured surface and divots that will, for a moment, lead you to believe you're looking at a water surface. Whether looking through it from within or outside, the glass will allow the viewer to detect movement on the other side. However, it will transform specific shapes into blurred silhouettes, providing some level of privacy.

This glass style prevents clear vision but leaves the impression of an open space filled with light.


Lastly, Ribbed glass contains practically every quality that we've seen so far. Featuring vertical lines, this glass excels in style, has a sleek modern look, and provides exceptional privacy. You can also view it as a glass type exclusive for doors. Due to its distinct look, most house owners refrain from putting Ribbed glass on windows.

Ribbed glass will be a great choice for the front door, but it will work perfectly as a room door solution, too. Upon installation, this glass will transform the space in a mere moment, making it more modern and open at the same time.

As you've seen, PINKYS door and window solutions come with high-quality glass and options for every room in the house. But what if you feel a door or window in a particular room doesn't give you enough privacy or you want to add a different touch to the overall design?

In that case, curtain installation may represent the ideal solution. Let's look at what such a project would entail.

Can You Get a Curtain to Match Your French Doors?

If you inquire about curtains for French doors, you may be taken aback by the mention of drilling. Many modern homeowners don't look kindly on any installation that requires power tools, especially if it's not mandatory. In addition, any project involving drilling can get messy and lead to potential door or window damage - the last thing you want after getting a brand-new quality product.

Luckily, the drilling part mostly refers to wooden doors. With PINKYS iron and steel French doors, your options are expanded significantly. However, we'll stay with drilling for just a bit longer to cover all options.

If you're willing to drill around the door or window area, the traditional option is to go with the classic rod and supporting brackets. You'd install these above the door, much like you would for a window. Wooden doors would allow for direct mounting, i.e., drilling the brackets into the door itself, but with modern iron and steel models, this approach is out of the question.

The first alternative to drilling would be using an adhesive. Curtain setups with sticky surfaces are relatively easy to find, but applying them to your door may come at a cost. Namely, the adhesive can damage the door if applied directly to them. Luckily, there's another solution that won't mess with your doors in the slightest.

The solution in question is magnets. Since your doors are made of steel or iron, they have an advantage over other materials. Simply get a quality magnetic curtain rod and position it on the top of your doors, and it will work like a charm.

Curtain Styles to Go with Your Quality Iron or Steel French Door

When you get PINKYS products for your front, interior room, or patio doors, you'll likely want to leave them visible at all times. And if you're installing a curtain, you'll want it to at least match, if not improve, the initial impression. Here are some great curtain ideas to boost your aesthetics further.

Firstly, you can use the curtains to emphasize the area around the doors. This can be done by matching the colors of your walls. This approach may seem counterintuitive - how will you emphasize the doors by making everything in the same tone? The answer is in the doors themselves.

Even though you might have curtains installed, the idea of covering up your doors will still probably be far from mind. In other words, the curtains will likely stay open, and that will be the moment for PINKYS doors to shine. Essentially, the curtain will provide the framing, while the doors will be the main attraction.

Besides matching the curtains with the walls, you could go in the opposite direction and choose bold colors or designs. As another alternative, matching the curtains on your doors with those on a window or even with the fabric covering the furniture will also be a viable option. But if you're looking for truly unique solutions, pick curtains that go in line with the outside view or make the design even more exciting by combining two different curtains.

Explore PINKYS Iron and Steel French Door Designs

When considering iron or steel French doors, you'll have an easy job if you go with PINKYS. As a premium iron and steel door manufacturer, we create world-class doors and windows that celebrate natural light and the life around us. Explore PINKYS French doors and find the perfect match for your home or business space.

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