Why Is Everyone in Tennessee Using Iron Doors for Their Homes?

Known for its hot chicken, country music, and great whiskey, Tennessee is a great place to live in. Most people anticipate getting a house or finding a place to live in the state.  

If you have recently decided to settle in Tennessee or have already bought a house in one of the Tennessee cities, then you're in for a great ride. The environment, the people, and the entertainment are great, but if you feel a bit out of place, you can always make changes closer to home.

When you feel like you need to change things up a bit, you can switch up the interior of the house. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on renovations, paint jobs, and more, try investing in a few iron doors and see how your Tennessee residence sparkles!

Iron doors are a great addition to the overall aesthetic of your house, but apart from that, it has also become a popular choice for most homeowners in Tennessee. If you're wondering why iron doors are becoming one of the most popular choices, stay with us as we explore the many advantages of using iron doors for your Tennessee house!

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Why Choosing Iron Doors Is the Right Move

Increases Property Value

Iron doors are a great value add to any property around Tennessee. Whether you want to keep your house or sell it off in the distant future, by adding iron doors, you are ensuring that the market price for your house will be more than what you bought the house for.

Who doesn't like a profit in the investments they make? Not only that, these doors set your house apart from the neighbors. With these doors, your house will appear spacious, open, and brighter, giving your property an edge over the others.

Adds Curb Appeal

When they think about iron doors, most people opt for iron front doors. These front doors add a special value to the curb of your house, it enhances the overall look of the driveway and helps homeowners make their curbs more attractive.

One of the first things that people notice about your house are the entryways or the front doors of the house. When you incorporate a stylish French door to the entrance, you automatically enhance the curb appeal, making it appear far better than any other on the block.

Easily Customizable

Everyone wants to give their house an added personalization. The customization helps your house look different than any other house around you. One of the biggest reasons people choose iron doors is that they can easily be customized according to your own liking and taste.

You can turn and mold your iron doors however you want; most people use modern-day fixtures, handles, and more. Other people use large glass panes to make the doors look grand, elegant, and extremely stylish.

Enhances Aesthetics

Nobody should compromise on the overall look of the house. Iron doors can help you change the aesthetics with ease. Whether your house looks cramped and stuffy, you can use large glass panes for iron doors and make the space more spacious, brighter, and open. Use French doors, pocket doors, or sliding doors to enhance the overall look of your house.

Using sliding or pocket doors will allow you to create excess space in an otherwise cramped room.


Some Common Iron Door Designs to Choose From

Pivot Doors

Another great way to make the house look stylish and different from other real estate properties around you is by choosing a pivot door for one of your rooms. Choose a larger room, and make sure you install a pivot door to make it look grand, elegant, and perfect!

Pivot doors are joined at one point with the door frame and can rotate in whichever way you want. These doors are classy and eye-catching, making it almost impossible to miss them. If you're looking for a way to upgrade the overall look of your house, try a pivot door today!

Sliding Doors

Make your patio, your dining room, or your home office stand out with the help of sliding doors. Sliding doors usually have large glass panels that make the room look spacious and brighter. With the use of sliding doors, you can bring in more natural light to your room, making it appear larger than it is.

Sliding doors are a great way to maximize space usage. In areas of the house where you can't afford to use pivot doors or traditional hinged locks, a sliding door does wonders.


Accordion Doors

Don't ever let your patio be a boring one – most people spend a lot of family time on their patios, so naturally, it's better to make sure that the space looks great.

An accordion door or a bi-fold door will give you quite a bit of space and make it appear as if the door never existed. You want to know how? Let us tell you. An accordion door folds to one corner of the door frame, leaving enough space as if the door never existed.

French Doors

A French door can serve a multitude of functions for a real estate property. Whether you use them as an attractive entry door or an elegant interior door, the door will spruce up your entire décor. The French doors are designed intricately, and make the overall aesthetic of your house brilliant!


Dutch Doors

Another great addition to the iron door design collection is iron Dutch doors. These doors are split in the middle, and you can open either half of the door. This improves the door's functionality as opposed to other iron door options that you may have.

Get a Dutch door to bring in some fresh light and air, but keep the pets inside.

If you're looking for a place to buy some of the highest quality iron doors, then take a look at our esteemed collection at Pinky's Iron Doors. We have a wide collection of iron and steel doors, including sliding doors, pocket doors, and a lot more! Get yourself some stylish doors today!

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