Why Wrought Iron Front Doors Are the Perfect Addition to a Home in Antelope, California

Antelope Valley is a testament to human innovation, resilience, and persistence. Despite suffering from extreme drought in the 19th century that nearly made it uninhabitable, the area has been revitalized due to its proximity to Los Angeles and irrigation advancements.

Today, Antelope Valley is a lucrative bedroom community for Los Angeles proper, driven by a combination of relatively low real estate prices and access to exquisite nature. This allows homeowners to take pride in outfitting their houses with sophisticated decorations and create homes inspired by the great outdoors.

One of the prime areas where this concept shines through is curb appeal. While residential communities were built to service the larger cities, that's no reason to have a home that looks dull.

And that's exactly where wrought iron doors or fences come in. Made from pristinely sculpted iron, these entryway essentials can instill unparalleled charm and elegance to transform a house's look.

PINKYS is a California-native door and windows company that prioritizes ambition, style, and elegance in every design. Read on to learn why you should add a wrought iron door during your home remodel.

Why Choose Wrought Iron Doors?

Iron is one of the most durable and resilient materials in nature. The history of ironworking began millennia ago, with wrought iron as one of the precursors to traditional cast iron products. Its use flourished in the Middle Ages when it was considered the peak of aesthetic achievement to masterfully shape metal into delicate details.

Over time, the development of more efficient steelworking processes made iron less desirable for heavy-duty industrial use. However, high-quality wrought iron remains one of the most sought-after niche building materials that combine art and function.

Durability and Longevity

Iron's strength is only matched only by that of steel. However, steel doors suffer from issues of their own. For example, they need to be carefully maintained in order not to show blemishes. Additionally, steel doors tend to wear out faster than those made from wrought iron and coated with a protective finish.

PINKYS Air 4 double flat modern steel doors can used as entry doors, patio and french doors, back or side steel doors, and even as steel room dividers

Iron is also incredibly heat-resistant while the coating makes it practically waterproof. That's why this metal is one of the best entry door material options. When installed properly, wrought iron doors can outlast their owners.

Complement Any Style

Skilled artisans spend years perfecting their craftsmanship in ironworking, allowing them to shape wrought iron into miniature masterpieces. As a result, a company that treasures quality and excellence like PINKYS will deliver a custom design that can become the centerpiece of any entryway.

However, wrought iron doors can also be minimalist. Simple doors with large glass panes let in more light into the entryway, while also allowing other decorations to shine through.

This makes iron doors almost uniquely versatile to allow homeowners to customize their property while still giving the house an elegant, timeless look.

Improved Security

Apart from being beautiful to look at, wrought iron entry doors are typically much safer than other materials. Due to its high impact resistance, doors made from iron can take quite a beating and abuse, deterring malicious actors from even attempting to pierce through them.

When you pair them with an appropriate lock, you can have a robust safety system in place.

And even if you choose models with huge glass panels, don't let those fool you, either. Double-tempered glass has become the standard for high-quality door ironwork. It's one of the most secure options on the market.

Furthermore, double-tempered glass is also much safer to handle. If it accidentally breaks, it bursts into large, duller pieces that don't carry nearly the same injury hazard as traditional glass.

Energy Efficiency

Iron doors can be insulated to provide excellent comfort in areas that experience extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. By using high-density foam and thermal breaking in the jamb, the doors minimize heat transfer between the indoors and the outdoors.

Additionally, the panes use double-layered low-E grade glass. This type of glass is transparent, but it also reflects UV rays and the associated heat that comes from it. As a result, the entire door surface is highly non-conductive to heat.

Homes with high-quality wrought iron entry doors can have a much lower environmental impact due to reduced HVAC usage. Therefore, by installing intricate iron doors, you can help save the planet right from your doorstep.


Wrought iron entry doors are not just for the front entrance of the house. Depending on the type of door you choose, you can use them throughout the home (and even inside).

For example, a single door is an excellent side or pantry entrance that remains functional yet doesn't take up too much room and budget.

On the other hand, practical sliding or accordion doors can be perfect for patios that need the extra light and roominess that the large pane surface area provides.

Of course, if you want to adorn the entryway in luxury and elegance, double French doors with sidelights are hard to beat. They create a grand and sometimes imposing look that will get the attention they deserve from passersby and visitors alike.

Finally, iron doors aren't just meant for beautifying a residence. Business owners can leverage the metal's inherent classiness and durability to create a luxurious atmosphere straight from the street.

Worthwhile Investment

Due to their timeless look and sheer durability, wrought iron doors can be considered an excellent addition for houses that are remodeled on a budget or with the intention to sell.

Air 5 Wine Cellar - Single Full Arch - No Threshold | Cad

Since it's highly unlikely they'll need to be disposed of in a lifetime, this type of door can be even considered the best choice to design the entire entryway and facade around.

Research backs this up, too. According to the statistics published by JLC, steel doors accrue more than 100% return on investment. This means that replacing old doors with steel ones brought the resale price of the house more than the doors initially cost. This can be extrapolated to iron doors as well. Since they are durable and typically even more aesthetically pleasing than steel doors, you can expect similar results.

Even if you don't plan to sell any time soon, an iron door is relatively easy to maintain compared to a wooden one, giving you more time and budget to attend to landscaping or other vital front yard elements.

Iron Fences and Gates

While iron doors are excellent pieces to put in the entryway, there's also another way to spruce up your residence. By opting for a wrought iron fence, you can elevate the look of your property. The moment someone stops by your home, they will notice exquisite artistry.

Additionally, if you make the doors and the gate match in style and appearance, you can create a classic look for a traditional home that is easy to decorate and build around.

So, before you order just the doors, try to find a wrought iron gate or fence that can complement it and unify the look of your fencing and entry area.

The PINKYS Advantage: Choosing the Best for Your Home

As a premier iron and steel door and window manufacturing company, PINKYS is one of the best ways you can invest in your home's appearance. Here's why.

Combining Charm and Craftsmanship

PINKYS was founded by a local LA-based family in an effort to channel the city's rich culture and history into doors that could be called pieces of art.

The door styles resonate with the vibe of Los Angeles, creating an ethereal experience. PINKYS grew with the city, with every new piece creating a new unique style LA natives could fit right into their homes.

PINKYS Air 4 Dutch single flat steel dutch door w/ sidelights, can used as entry doors, patio and french doors, back or side steel doors, and even as steel room dividers

But just like an artist gives it their all for a performance, so does PINKYS when creating new doors. By combining the best materials, design ingenuity that the company was built upon, and years of expertise in the door fabrication industry, PINKYS products are second to none in construction quality.

Customizable Solutions

In Los Angeles, you can find something for everyone's taste. The city's sprawling culture and diversity were celebrated as the pinnacle of the American Dream for generations, and that's exactly what PINKYS brings to its customers.

No matter how intricate or minimalistic you want the design of your doors to be, PINKYS will ensure the job's done correctly and that you receive a beautiful piece to install on your home.

To that end, PINKYS offers a variety of options:

  • Double iron doors in the French style to allow you to bring a piece of luxury straight from Parisian mansions
  • Dutch doors that can add more functionality to a side entry
  • Pivot doors that make a bold statement
  • Fixed panels and sidelights that amplify the amount of light brought inside

Additionally, PINKYS offers multiple types of glass for all doors of windows. These range from transparent low-E and rain glass, Flemish and Aquatex glass that moderately distort light, to privacy-oriented frosted and ribbed glass. Furthermore, since all doors use double-pane glass, they can be custom-made with two different panes for the inside and outside to provide more texture and variety.

Styles for Every Soul

Here at PINKYS, we believe that each home tells a story and are a reflection of the owner's core values. That's why we worked hard to develop stellar door designs that exude sophistication, yet also have minimalist designs that don't detract from an old house's charm. Due to its rich history, Antelope Valley houses residential architectural styles across centuries.

For example, the craftsman bungalow style from the early 20th century directly contradicted Victorian opulence, taking inspiration from the area's beautiful nature that resulted in functional and minimalistic houses that accentuate the outdoors. As a result, a simple door such as the Double Knox can play well into that practicality while still providing enough light and openness to bring the outdoors inside.

Taking the concept of connecting with nature further is the modern ranch house with a sprawling design and spacious rooms. To make use of the available space, consider the Double Air 5 with Sidelights. The double doors will create an imposing sight and the added sidelights further boost natural light and allow you an unprecedented view.

If classic European styles are something you fancy, then you can't go wrong with the more ornate doors from the collection. The Hills is an excellent example of a door that leverages the advantages of wrought iron construction. It adds elegance and pairs perfectly with larger entryways while still affording a bit of privacy.

One of the more common architectural concepts that has seen a revitalization in the past years is the Spanish colonial style. With a focus on arches and the contrast between white stucco and terracotta roofs, these homes have excellent curb appeal. Consider getting arched doors and windows to make full use of the unique construction, with a minimalistic design that lets the rest of the building shine.

PINKYS Baily Black Steel Double Flat Doors

But, if your sights are set on the future, then the Air 4 double will be among your best picks. The vast glass panels and clean, straight lines play well into the modern minimalistic philosophy in architecture, blurring the line between the floor and nature.

Dedication to Excellence

PINKYS' success hinges on our ability to deliver exceptional customer experience and bring you the best doors for any type of building.

To that end, we have worked tirelessly to ensure our products have outstanding quality and craftsmanship while keeping them accessible with competitive price points.

Furthermore, our care for the doors doesn't end when we deliver them to your doorstep for installation. Due to our Iron Doors Spray formula that works on both metal and glass, the maintenance of our doors is straightforward and quick. All you need to do is clean the doors well to remove grime and periodically grease the hinges to keep them in top shape.

Additionally, the PINKYS customer service team will be right there with you from the start of your remodeling journey. We can help you choose the right glass type, swing, and even locks. If you have an unusual order for an extraordinary house, we can ensure that the design is fully customized to your complete satisfaction.

While PINKYS doesn't provide installation services, owners will receive a detailed guide to get them through the process. We can also provide ongoing assistance on installation and repairs if needed.

Bring the Charm Inside

Besides producing external entry doors, PINKYS also makes intricate interior doors and windows. By outfitting the entire house with PINKYS products, you can get exceptional doors in every room.

Since our designs can be fully customized, you can pick and choose which door types you like for the interior and use similar styles between interior and exterior elements.

For example, the PINKYS Air collection uses a minimalistic style that can be implemented in different variations, from traditional single and double doors to Dutch and pivot styles that allow you to leverage the floor plan to its fullest.

Show Your Love for California's Best

Craftsmanship. Artistry. Vision. These sentiments drive PINKYS to excel at what we do, and we can bring you that mission through our peerless products and services.

With all this value of including custom wrought iron doors in your home remodel, there's nothing left to do but fill in our contact form. Our support team will schedule a free consultation and get started on making the doors of your dreams.

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