Wrought Iron Front Entry Doors in Apache Junction - Why They're a Great Choice

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We're sorry, we just couldn't help ourselves when we started writing about Apache Junction, but we promise to maintain our composure from here on out. As a resident of the city - and possibly a long-suffering Sugarhill Gang quote victim - you know that Apache Junction is a wonderful place to live.

The "gateway to outdoor adventure" has evolved tremendously since its days as a mining town, with the city now blending a modern design ethos with the stunning outdoor sites that lead to over 40 million people visiting Arizona every year. But for you, the city is home, and it's home that will be the focus here.

At PINKYS, we create gorgeous iron doors - for both your home's exterior and interior - that can transform your property in an instant. But if you're wondering why iron and Apache Junction go so well together, the following are a handful of reasons to have iron doors installed.

Reason 1 - Wrought Iron Front Doors Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is everything to residential home buyers.

If you don't believe that statement, then believe the HomeOwners Alliance. The U.K.-based organization ran a study finding that 68% of people believe that an amazing curb-side experience has a huge impact on their house-buying decisions.

PINKYS Air 4 double flat modern steel doors can used as entry doors, patio and french doors, back or side steel doors, and even as steel room dividers

That brings an obvious benefit of iron doors to people who are looking to sell:

Your door can "wow" from the moment a buyer first catches a glance of it, setting the stage for a house viewing that is more likely to result in an offering being made.

But what about if you're not looking to move away from Apache Junction any time soon? In that case, curb appeal isn't as much about impressing other people - bar the neighbors - and is more about creating something that you love. Think of iron doors as an investment into your home's future that you'll be able to enjoy for years to come.

Reason 2 - Wrought Iron Doors Are Surprisingly Energy Efficient

You may believe that having iron doors isn't conducive to energy efficiency because iron is a conductor. It absorbs heat from inside your home to send it out or from outside your home to send it in.

Normally, you'd be right.

However, thanks to PINKYS's thermal breaking technology - which installs a layer of insulation between two layers of iron to stop heat transfer - your PINKYS door is extremely energy efficient. That's even the case in our Air range. Though they use a lot of glass, PINKYS Air doors are still energy efficient both because of thermal breaking and because they use low-E glass.

Reason 3 - You Can Add Glass Panes to Your Iron Front Door

Speaking of glass, you may have an image of what an iron door should look like based on your knowledge of its durability and the "traditional" way of building it. Perhaps you're thinking the door has to be big and bulky - perhaps little more than a slab of solid iron - and that it won't allow light into your entryway.

That's not the case.

Many iron doors make heavier use of glass than they do iron, with the iron materials essentially being used to frame the glass. Again, take PINKYS' Air range as an example. You get the bold, straight iron lines that are perfect for a contemporary look - as well as the geometric aesthetic - along with enough glass to let plenty of sun into your entryway.

Reason 4 - Quality Will Always Exceed Expectations

Iron is a tough material.

That may feel like stating the obvious, but it's worth keeping in mind for customers who want a new front door in Apache Junction. Contrast iron with wood, and you will see a clear quality difference. Not only is iron more malleable - allowing for the creation of the intricate patterns you see in iron doors that have scrollwork - but it's also more robust and capable of standing up to the weather.

Why does that matter in Apache Junction?

The city is nestled in one of the hottest regions in Arizona. While that means minimal rain - around 14 inches per year - it also means that the sun is constantly shining. Temperatures in summer can easily exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and they even bounce around 60 degrees in winter. All of that sun can be a nightmare for wooden doors because it causes thermal expansion - a chief cause of warping.

The heat won't do a thing to your iron door, meaning you get a material that can match what the environment brings to the table.

Reason 5 - Increase Your Home's Value Thanks to Great First Impressions

Earlier, we showed you how boosting your home's curb appeal could convince a potential buyer to put their money where their mouth is and make an offer on your home.

But that curb appeal is about more than simply attracting an offer:

It'll also net you more money.

Single casement steel window with a vineyard view

Buyers are often so impressed with a house that looks the part from the very first glance that they're willing to spend up to 7% more than they would for a house with poor curb appeal. That means a shoddy front door could cost you.

Finding a replacement - such as a PINKYS iron door - could mean a substantial chunk of extra change in your pocket when you sell. After all, the average home in the city sells for $400,500. Add 7% to that, and you get an extra $28,035 - more than enough to cover the cost of investing in a new door.

Reason 6 - Less Maintenance Than Wood

Wood warps.

The heat in Apache Junction does a real number on wooden doors, with the arid air also chipping away at the paintwork on the wood. The result is simple:

A lot of maintenance work for you.

Repainting regularly after installing wooden doors is common, and you essentially have to keep to a schedule to ensure your wooden front door isn't wilting under the heat.

Contrast that with iron.

It's inaccurate to claim that iron requires no maintenance. That's not the case, especially if you want to keep your new doors looking amazing. However, the maintenance is far simpler and needs to be carried out with less regularity due to the material being much stronger than wood. PINKYS even helps to make maintenance simple - our Iron Door Spray is easy to apply and will protect your door.

Reason 7 - Elegant Classic Style Mixed With Modern Sensibilities

Versatility is one of the main advantages of iron.

The material can be used to make practically anything - in the home decoration context - with the stunning scrollwork associated with classic designs being just as possible as the geometric lines you see in the PINKYS Air range. Iron can also be used to make doors with sidelights, as you can see with our Air 5 range, all in service of matching the aesthetics of your house.

The point is that iron isn't just about functionality.

No matter what your vision may be for your home improvement project, an iron door offers a mix of classic style with contemporary flavor - veering further one way or the other depending on your taste - to create a timeless look for your home.

Reason 8 - Strong Security Features for Your House

When you see the word "security" when talking about iron, you may naturally start thinking of thick doors that are difficult to penetrate.

Beverly Thermally Broken - Double Full Arch | Special Order - PINKYS

That can be the case.

However, an iron door provides security in more ways than simple material strength, especially if you buy from a company that specializes in manufacturing good locking mechanisms. Again, PINKYS is a great example. Beyond the amazing craftsmanship you'll see in our doors, you'll also find that we offer an array of locksets to bolster security.

Those locks vary in design - some lean classical while others are modern - but all offer a classy way to keep your home safe.

Iron and Steel Doors - Find Both at PINKYS

Now that you know why iron doors are such a great choice for your home, you have one job left:

Finding companies that can produce the quality you need from your door.

Your search ends with PINKYS, as our services focus on combining quality with elegant door designs to ensure your Apache Junction home looks phenomenal. Check out our online store, and you'll see many designs - inspired by the stunning California landscape our founders call home - that could be the perfect fit for you.

Have you found something you like?

Fantastic! We're ready to hear from you, so give us a call at (844) 843-6677 or email the PINKYS team at info@pinkys.com. If you fancy taking a jaunt down to California, you can even book some time at our showroom to see what a PINKYS iron door looks like up close and personally.

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