Everything You Need to Know About Wrought Iron Front Doors in Arlington, TX

Nestled between Fort Worth and Dallas, Arlington is the third-largest city in the most populous Texan metroplex area. With such a prestigious economy-focused company, the city is home to the area's cultural and entertainment scene, as well as serving as a manufacturing center. Arlington is also the world's bowling capital, with research institutions and museums specifically designed for the sport.

The proximity to both Fort Worth and Dallas and their riches means that Arlington has been rapidly built up with many luxurious residential areas. The population boom that started in 1950s brought the city from fewer than 10,000 to more than 340,000 people. Every decade was influenced by different architectural styles and trends, all of which shaped Arlington's skyline.

However, that doesn't mean you have to pick between history and modernity. By choosing high-quality wrought iron entry doors, you can improve the curb appeal of your property with a touch of luxury and style at an affordable price.

Art in Ironwrighting: What Makes Wrought Iron Doors Special?

When remodeling a home, many owners focus on either the interior or the exterior. However, it's what bridges the two that can create a truly attractive house.

We're talking about the doors and windows. They are your view of the outside, an entrance into nature itself.

And iron is one of the best door materials out there for many reasons.

Made for First Impressions

Have you ever stopped by a property to admire its front gate? Well, the entry doors are the gates to a house, giving every visitor a glimpse of what awaits.

You want to make sure to leave a lasting impression from the very first step into your home. And a wrought iron door makes a bold statement.

Due to its ability to be twisted into delicate yet ornate shapes, iron offers nearly unparalleled design options. You can have doors with intricate details that look like woodwork without a wooden door's vulnerability to the elements.

Or, you can opt for the complete opposite and have simple, minimalistic doors that can combine well with any style, letting the rest of your entryway impress.

Peerless Durability

Wood splinters, warps, and chips. But iron is nearly impervious to damage and the environment. With the right protective coat, it repels water and resists extreme temperatures without fault.

Air 5 Flat Top black steel door w/ Flat Top Transom - PINKYS

And wrought iron does all that alongside the capability to be molded into art pieces.

While steel doors are technically more durable in terms of impact resistance, their material wears out over time and requires more careful maintenance. Additionally, the industrial steel-casting process makes it impossible to simulate the level of detail and unique shapes of wrought iron doors.

Staying Secure

With all this talk about beauty and aesthetics, you might be worried that your new iron doors will be all form and no function.

However, rest assured that iron doors are among the best entry doors available for improving your home's security. Thanks to wrought iron's intrinsic impact resistance, the doors are a natural deterrent against intruders. Combine them with a reliable lock and you have a great recipe for safety.

Even if the doors have large panes, the double-tempered glass inside is much more difficult to punch through.

Furthermore, this type of glass is excellent for families with small children or large pets. If a pane happens to break, it shatters into large pieces that are safer to handle.

A Smart Investment

Big double iron doors might seem expensive and daunting, but don't let appearances fool you.

By choosing a high-quality door made from wrought iron, you're getting an entryway that can last a lifetime without showing wear and tear.

All you need to do is use the PINKYS Iron Doors Spray, and you can clean both the iron and glass features in one go.

Also, you'll even get a positive return on your investment if you decide to sell later. According to JLC, replacing a wooded door with a metal one passed 100% ROI in 2023.

Saving the Planet

While iron is a solid conductor, the modern door manufacturing process involves thermally breaking the doors by adding a layer of heat-insulating material between metal sheets. This means the heat from one side of the doors has a much harder path to the other, slowing down the temperature exchange rate.

By using doors made from thermally broken wrought iron, you can keep the house cooler during the summer and reduce your reliance on the AC.

It's not just the iron that makes the doors better for the environment. The glass panes can have low-E glass, which is transparent but reflects UV rays. The improved energy efficiency can help lower your energy bill and impact on global warming.

Why PINKYS Custom Wrought Iron Doors?

With its beginnings in vibrant Los Angeles, PINKYS embraces what makes the United States unique.

Wonder. Sophistication. Devotion.

These principles molded PINKYS into the company it is today, just like our craftsmen shape wrought iron into intricate pieces of art. We channel this passion for freedom to create designs that reflect man's desire to connect with nature and the world itself.

We're proud of our heritage and even prouder about building a safe, sustainable future—one door at a time.

Dedication to the Craft

Our customers deserve excellence at an affordable price.

That's why PINKYS uses the highest-quality materials in the door construction process. When combined with decades of expertise in ironwork, we provide elegant, functional, and long-lasting products that fit any home.

We also help clients get exactly what they want by fully customizing your wrought iron doors to accommodate odd shapes and sizes. Our stellar support team will assist you throughout ordering and shipping and send complete set-up instructions. Whether you're a homeowner or a contractor, you can install the new doors seamlessly.

Cornucopia of Styles

Architectural styles ebb and flow over the years. But class and elegance transcend trends, and the right entrance doors can be centerpieces for any home. There are several ways you can elevate your house's appeal with our wrought iron entry doors.

Much of Arlington's residential architecture showcases the mid-century modern style—thanks to the population boom—which emphasizes clean lines, practicality, and a connection to the outdoors. That's precisely the theme in which our Air collection shines. For example, the Air 4, with wide panes and a simple design, allows for a breathtaking view while uplifting the home through quality craft.

However, Arlington also has a fair share of historically-inspired styles, such as the Georgian Colonial, with its traditional design and simple facades. To spruce up the entrance a bit, consider the Golden Gate double doors. It provides that touch of elegance and historical charm that guests will absolutely love.

Photo of PINKYS Air Dutch Single Flat with Sidelights

Another popular style that you might see around residential areas is the Craftsman Bungalow which maximizes usable living space and focuses on utility. You can zero in on that aesthetic by choosing a classic door style like the Getty. It enhances the craftsmanship quality while keeping things simple, just like the design intended.

If you want to replace traditional straight doors with a more old-timey chic, Spanish Colonial or Tudor revival architectural styles exemplify that aesthetic with arched doorways and vibrant colors. You can use some of our arched doors to perfectly fit the building's construction.

Adaptability to Match Your Needs

PINKYS doesn't do just one type of door well. Our range of products includes every door (and window) you could possibly need.

If you want an entry door for a sprawling patio, then a folding or accordion door will make a big statement and provide the best views. Alternatively, you can go for the elegant pivot doors to add more flair.

Additionally, our wrought iron doors don't just have to go on the outside. By customizing the door's size and applying the right finish, we can make doors that fare well in moist areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. Also, if you want to make the most of your living space, we provide pocket and sliding doors.

Commercial Options

If you're a homeowner, you naturally want to make a good first impression on your guests.

But why not do the same as a business owner? Custom-made iron entry doors can elevate the storefront and add personal flair to a commercial area. When you add curb appeal to your business, you practically guarantee more foot traffic and income.

PINKYS has extensive sizing options that fit most commercial buildings and you can add fixed panes to make your business more visible from the outside, literally.

Make Entry Doors Pop With PINKYS

With PINKYS, you're not just ordering iron doors. You're taking part in a multi-generational effort to elevate entryways into statements that exemplify the same principles that drove the American Dream. You can find exterior doors that suit any style and shape you need, all at affordable costs.

Browse the PINKYS collection to get started. If you don't find the perfect fit, contact our team, and we'll make adjustments and provide a free quote.

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