Wrought Iron Door Styles - The Best Front Entry Doors in Atlanta From PINKYS

Your home's front doors say more about your property than you might expect.

That exterior door is the first thing you - or anybody else - see as they approach your entryway. And with transformative renovation and building work already underway throughout Atlanta, which will culminate in the city becoming a modern Mecca of style, you can't afford for your door to fall behind the times.

Lifestyle of PINKYS Air 5 Black Single Full Arch Steel Door

What does that mean?

Out with the old - such as your wooden or fiberglass door - and in with a new style of wrought iron door that melds contemporary design philosophies with the classic elegant feel that only iron can deliver.

That's where PINKYS comes in.

As designers and manufacturers of iron and steel entry doors, we can help Atlanta homeowners put the finishing touches on their home designs.

Wrought Iron Doors and Atlanta - Why They're a Match Made in Heaven

Why iron?

It's a great question, especially when you consider the many misconceptions that people have about iron products. To see what we mean, take a moment to imagine what an iron door looks like. We're willing to bet your mind was drawn to the idea of a big and bulky door - essentially a slab of metal - rather than a type of door that offers a wide selection of styles.

Let's shatter that misconception with five reasons why you should go down the iron route when choosing your next front door.

Stay in Touch With Modern Atlanta Thanks to Custom Iron Doors

Earlier, we mentioned that Atlanta has been going through an extensive period of modernization.

That's not to say that the city was ever out of style. It's always managed to blend Southern culture with modern amenities - especially in the food and arts sectors - but there's something special happening in Atlanta right now. It's a city that's growing at an astonishing pace. And long-time Atlanta homeowners have seen this transformation in action.

In Buckhead - once a raucous bar district - we've seen a transformation that's turning the region into the "Rodeo Drive of the South." Explore midtown or downtown Atlanta, and you'll see new condominiums, stunning business buildings, and a modernization effort that's indicative of the city that's "too busy to hate."

A custom build is key to staying in touch with a city that's on the move. And with a PINKYS iron door - which is handcrafted to suit your home - you stay in touch with modern Atlanta.

Replace Creaky - and Maintenance-Intensive - Wood Entry Doors

Let's face it - wooden doors are a nightmare to maintain.

Over time, the door frame can start to warp or rot, not aided by the 5 inches of rain the city gets every July during the height of summer. The humidity this causes is a recipe for peeling paintwork and rotting wood, forcing you to paint or even replace your wooden door and - in some cases - its hardware.

"But wait a moment," you may think. "Iron is susceptible to rain as well. What about the rust problem?"

That's only true if you're installing iron doors that haven't been treated to withstand the rusting effects that rain can have on them. That won't be the case with a PINKYS door. Quality is key to our entire design ethos, meaning the iron we use won't require replacing because rust has caused it to lose its lustrous looks.

Add to that a PINKYS product that keeps iron and steel doors in amazing condition - our Iron Door Spray.

That spray makes cleaning and maintaining your new doors far simpler than doing the same for wooden doors.

Add Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

Imagine that you're in the market to buy a home.

You've looked at a few online directories and found a property that looks like it might fit the bill. Granted, it was a little weird that there were no pictures of the frontage, but the interior looks nice enough that it's worth booking an appointment anyway.

PINKYS Steel Doors lifestyle

The appointment day comes, and you turn up at the house only to find something horrible - it has zero curb appeal. The entryway is unkempt, and the front door has clearly seen better days. In a heartbeat, you've formed a first impression that's likely going to prevent you from purchasing the house.

Now, flip the script and imagine you're the seller of that house.

Your property's lack of curb appeal hasn't just cost you a sale - meaning your own efforts to move on stall out - but it'll also cost you money when you do finally sell. That's according to The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, which says that having curb appeal can raise a property's value by as much as 7%.

The point here is simple - a stunning iron door boosts curb appeal to deliver an amazing return on investment should you ever decide to sell your home.

Greater Energy Efficiency for Your Entry Door

There's a challenge with wrought iron that some may believe makes them incompatible for use as front entry doors in Atlanta:

Iron is a conductive material.

In other words, the metal absorbs the heat around it - heating up in the process - before transferring that heat to wherever's coldest. That could be a problem in Atlanta. Though winters rarely reach freezing temperatures in the city, it still gets cold enough that you have to bundle up when outside and will be using heating when you're indoors.

PINKYS lifestyle

A door that sends heat out of your home would be an energy-efficiency nightmare.

That's why PINKYS makes energy efficiency a priority with all of its iron doors using two techniques:

  • Installation of low-E glass
  • Use of thermal breaks

Low-E glass is a special type of glass that is covered in a special coating that essentially acts as an insulator. Warm air still hits the glass. But with that coating in place - serving as a barrier - less of it reaches the glass so it can be transferred outside. The entire PINKYS Air range uses this type of glass.

Then, there's thermal breaking.

As mentioned, iron is a conductive material that acts as a "thermal bridge" that transfers heat from where it's warmest to where it's coolest. Thermal breaks - which are pieces of insulative material added between two layers of iron - solve this problem. The iron on the inside still heats up as your home does. But thanks to the thermal break, it transfers far less of that heat outside, meaning you don't have to keep the heat on at all hours to make your home feel cozy.

Doors in All Styles - From Patio Doors to Storm Doors


It's often called "the spice of life" because having access to options means you're not stuck with the same old choices. That's especially true of iron because it's an extremely versatile material. Whether you want a contemporary door - which uses iron as framing for attractive glasswork - or a classical style that's heavy on scrollwork, you'll find what you're looking for with iron.

Better yet, iron can be used for almost any type of door.

Beyond front entry doors, it's the perfect material for patio, storm, and even interior doors.

Iron Doors in Atlanta, GA - Choose From the PINKYS Selection

So, you can see that an iron door doesn't have to be a beast that looms within your front doorway. It can be light. Airy. Frankly, it can be whatever you need it to be to suit your home's aesthetic.

You just need to find the right door.

There are many in the PINKYS collection, but we believe the four presented here make excellent choices.

Bristol Double Flat - Exterior Doors Mixing Classic Style With Durability

Simple, sleek, and elegant are the three words we'd choose to describe the Bristol. It's a traditional iron door - featuring subtle geometric shapes and arching for the windows - that is a perfect example of how iron can blend the old with the new. Sandblasted glass completes the look - you get privacy to go along with your elegant front door.

Air 4 Double Mini Arch - A Front Entry Door With Curvy Appeal

The Air range could be considered the signature style of PINKYS, the Air 4 Double Mini Arch being a great choice for people who don't want their front doors to look flat. The sleek curve at the door's top stands in contrast with the straight black lines below without interfering with the airy and light-delivering aspects of the door.

Hills Double Flat - New Entry Doors With Luxurious Scrollwork

If classical is your style of choice, the Hills Double Flat fits the bill. Available on special order - in large part due to the intricate scrollwork layered over the windows - this door screams opulence and features hinged windows that can open separately from the door itself.

Air 5 Single Flat - Use Glass to Turn Your Doors Into Windows to Your Home

Elegance in door form - that's how we like to define the Air 5 Single Flat. It's the ideal choice for small entryways - which can often feel dark or dingy due to a lack of light getting through - thanks to its eight low-E glass panels. And, as with the entire air range, the bold black lines of the iron create a modern feel that's in keeping with the transformation Atlanta is currently undergoing.

Get Your Atlanta Wrought Iron Doors From PINKYS Today

You've received just the smallest of tastes of what lies in store at PINKYS. If the four iron doors presented here don't tickle your fancy, then don't worry - we have dozens more iron and steel doors in our collection.

If you'd like to learn about any of them - or wish to ask about our custom doors and special orders - we're just a phone call or email away. Give us a ring at (844) 843-6677 or email info@pinkys.com to get answers to your questions. Or, if you're feeling especially adventurous, book an appointment at our California showroom.

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