Wrought Iron Door Inspiration For Your New Home Project

Whether it is a house you’re flipping or one that you’re remodeling for yourself, replacing the doors and windows isn’t something to overlook.

Carefully chosen interior doors can add character to a house, while exterior doors add curb appeal to a property. This is precisely why we suggest to our clients that they choose timeless and decorative wrought iron doors as front doors.

Here are a few ideas to get you started on the door selection process.

A Single Iron Door with A Transom for A Minimalistic Look

If the house you’re remodeling has an entry door frame for a single door—we suggest you stick to it and avoid the masonry work that would go into turning it into a double door space.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t give the front door a modern spin.

You can use this simple single iron door with clean lines and a transom for a minimalistic but stylish look. It helps you make the most of your vertical space—making a small foyer appear well-lit and spacious. 

Double Arched Doors with Decorative Appeal

If you want to make your front door the centerpiece of your home’s curb appeal, you can’t go wrong with these beautiful, arched wrought iron doors.

The double doors have an intricate but clean wrought iron design that isn’t too busy yet infinitely charming. The iron entry doors also allow in plenty of sunlight into the foyer thanks to the arched transom on top and clear glass installed in the door.

It definitely works as an eye-catching design if that’s what you’re going for.

A Single Wrought Iron Door with Frosted Glass

Of course, entry doors aren’t the only ones you’d be worrying about. Side doors and backdoors are just as essential for a great curb appeal.

This is why this gorgeous single wrought iron door with a frosted glass cover is an option worth considering. You can use it as a front door, but with its chic look, it can be used as an exterior door on any side of the house.

Magnificent Double Iron Doors for A Sleek, Clean Appeal

If you want double doors in wrought iron for your entry doors but want to keep the design low-key and classy, you can check out these simple modern iron doors. They’re fashioned in a relatively simpler wrought iron design as compared to most other common wrought iron doors that have more elaborate designs.

These iron front doors work perfectly for larger residences with bigger front patios and spacious foyers.

Heavy Arched Double Doors for An Old-School Vibe

For a more old-school remodel, wrought iron doors are the perfect choice in general. But to make the retro vibe more prominent, you can go with these stately and robust-looking double iron doors.

They have a simple but imposing design that blends in well with older architectural structures.

We have all of these gorgeous wrought iron doors available at Pinky’s Iron Doors, along with other door options. From iron and steel front doors to steel patio doors and steel sliding doors—we make them all! We also have a wide range of French doors and other kinds of interior doors in our collection.

Get in touch to check out our complete range of iron doors today!


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