Wrought Iron Door Maintenance: A Simple Guide

Nothing makes a statement like a wrought iron entry door fashioned with decorating accents complementing your home’s architecture. However, the versatile outfit isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it’s also long-lasting, highly durable and requires minimal maintenance. But there will come a point after years of continuous use where your class outfit will start to collect dust and you’d be forced to grab cleaning supplies.

So, before that time arrives, make sure that you’re paying enough attention to your eye-catching wrought iron entry doors with these tips:

Cleaning wrought iron doors 

Wrought iron generally requires less cleaning than other metals. However, using the right technique to clean and disinfect the outfit is crucial to retain the element’s luster. Spray Pinkys Iron door Spray formulat lightly on a cloth and wipe your iron, metal or steel product. do not spray directly on product. Do not use a wet rag, and make sure your iron or steel is below 70 degrees before cleaning.

Make sure to start from the top and work your way to the bottom. After you’ve layered the wrought iron outfit with the soapy solution, use a low-pressure hose to spray water on it. Now use a lint-free cloth to dry the door.

Depending on your schedule and weather conditions, follow this procedure to clean your wrought iron doors at least once every month. This will increase their lifespan and incur fewer repair and replacement costs.

Rust removing and painting wrought iron doors

Over time, ignored maintenance can lead to corrosion in your iron doors. One excellent way of removing rust and old paint from your iron outfits include these steps:

  • Use a wire brush metal to scrape off rust and old paint.
  • If you feel confident, you may also use a drill with a sandpaper to remove corrosion.
  • Apply a rust-inhabiting primer around the wrought iron door to keep rust from reappearing. You may use a small brush to reach the tricky spots of your decorative outfit. Make sure that you thoroughly coat all areas to avoid future rusting.

Once you’ve added the rust-inhabiting primer, paint the outfit with a complementing color to seal the chemical and improve your wrought iron door’s overall appearance. Adding some color to your wrought iron outfit is also a great way to add a personal touch to your home, enhancing its feel and comfort. Talk to personal contractor to find out the best type of paints used for wrought iron doors in your area.

Additional care tips for wrought iron doors

  • Make sure that you use a plant-based soap to clean your wrought iron outfits because it isn’t acidic and therefore, doesn’t eat the paint away.
  • Applying kerosene to your wrought iron door after cleaning and drying it thoroughly can enhance its luster. Make sure to dry it out.
  • Make sure to use only a rust-inhabiting primer and not the common ones to keep your door safe from the effects of the changing weather.

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