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Fort Worth is a large city in north central Texas that is a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Despite the city's close association with its larger sister city to the east, there is plenty of good-natured rivalry among the residents of both towns. For instance, “Life’s Too Short to Live in Dallas” has become an unofficial motto of Fort Worth residents. The saying underscores the city's originality and gives credence to Fort Worth's recognition as being one of America's most livable communities.

Fort Worth


The city of Fort Worth was officially established in 1873 as a military post that was key to America’s Western expansion initiatives. The settlement, which was located along the Trinity River, thrived economically through cattle ranching. Ranching has long since been replaced by other industries as the foundation of Fort Worth's economy. Today, the city has a diverse economy that is bolstered by defense contractors, airlines and retailers like Lockheed Martin, American Airlines and Pier 1 Imports respectively.


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Despite shifts in its economy over the years, Fort Worth continues to be heavily influenced by the cowboy culture of yesteryear. For instance, many of its dining and entertainment venues reflect country western themes, and thousands of people flock to Fort Worth's Cowtown Coliseum every weekend to see present-day cowboys perform live rodeos. Modern Fort Worth is a pleasing mix of Wild West and cultural literacy. Numerous playhouses, art galleries and museums make Fort Worth's cultural scene as hot as its legendary Tex-Mex cuisine. The city has the only known Cowgirl Museum that honors pioneering women who helped to build America’s Western frontier. Also, Fort Worth's long-term love affair with contemporary art can be seen in its historic structures such as the Texas and Pacific station railway stop and the building that houses the city's Modern Art Museum.

Fort Worth


While Fort Worth has plenty of home styles that are influenced by its cattle-ranching past, variations of contemporary home designs appear to be trending in the city. The structures, which feature panoramic glass windows and walls, typically have simple angles and curves that are constructed from natural materials such as metal, concrete and granite. Pinky's Iron Doors has the ideal accessories for these types of homes in its recently released Air Collection. The elegance of metal doors is timeless, and Fort Worth residents who cannot find the right doors to fit their homes or businesses need only to consult with our expert artisans to get completely custom iron doors produced to their specifications. They will also find that getting their luxury iron doors is hassle-free with Pinky's online ordering process and delivery service to anywhere in the United States.

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