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Fremont is a city that is located in Alameda County near the San Francisco Bay area. Although the city was officially incorporated in 1956, the area that is now known as Fremont hosted Spanish missionary settlements that date back to the late 18th century. Its mild Mediterranean climate that rarely rises above 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer or dips below 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter provided an ideal environment for cultivating crops such as grapes and olives that boosted Fremont’s economy in its early years. Before its incorporation, Fremont was also the site of early film making for the motion picture industry.




Today, the city is largely residential, but it has a few commercial business concerns that operate in the automotive, healthcare, electronics, engineering services and manufacturing industries. Many Fremont residents take advantage of their city’s lower cost of living and excellent schools while they commute to jobs at nearby Silicon Valley companies. While there are revitalization efforts in the works for the city’s downtown area, Fremont has mainly focused on making the city a great place for families to raise and educate their children.

Irvington, Niles, Warm Springs, Mission San Jose and Centerville are the five distinctive neighborhoods that make up the city of Fremont. Each community has its own unique culture. For example, Niles is known for its family-friendly entertainment options like its Silent Movie Museum and Theater, annual flea market and numerous antique shops. Mission San Jose is noted for its excellent public schools; its high school ranked as one of the top six in the state. All five neighborhoods are characterized by a close-knit sense of community that is fairly rare in a city with over 220,000 people.


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Although Fremont is not a tourist town, it does offer a few visitor attractions and interesting things to do for those who pass through the area. The Arden Wood Historic Farm is a tribute to the area’s rural beginnings and features a storybook Victorian mansion that is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens. Arden Wood is a working farm, and 19th century heirloom crops are still grown there. Visitors can take tours of the home and grounds that are enhanced by actors and museum curators who are dressed in Victorian period attire. Young tourists also love Fremont’s Aqua Adventure water park that has slides and splash pools for visitors of all ages.




Commercial and real estate development is on the rise in Fremont as the laid-back city tries not to get totally eclipsed by its posh Palo Alto and Mountain View neighbors. Updating builder-grade entry doors to the hand-forged iron ones that can be found at Pinky’s Iron Doors is an effective way to dramatically boost overall property value, security and curb appeal. Pinky’s has one of the largest selections of iron doors in the region, and property owners are sure to find one that fits their homes’ traditional or contemporary style. We love what we do. If we do not carry the exact style that meets your unique requirement, we will custom make the piece for you. Our luxury iron doors can be conveniently ordered online, and we deliver to anywhere in the United States.

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