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With a 150 year history that started when the area was first settled with the help of confederate veteran Jack Swilling, Phoenix, Arizona has been many things over the years. Starting out as an agricultural town, Phoenix soon grew to incorporate the “Five C’s” of cotton, citrus, cattle, climate, and copper. Soon after this time period, there was a heavy influx of families into the area in the post-World War II era.


Phoenix Arizona Landscape

Phoenix is known for its dry climate, and it was the invention of the air conditioner in the 1950s that brought a heavy influx of people into the area after the war. As a result, Phoenix businesses started to truly bloom.


Pinky’s Iron Doors Is Delivering Luxury Iron Doors To Beautiful Phoenix, Arizona Homes


Families had a wide variety of homes built in varied styles that range from Tudor Revival, Pueblo Revival, Monterrey Revival, Mission Revival, American Colonial Revival, and Spanish Colonial Revival. Each of these architectural styles served to enrich Phoenix, which became the sixth largest city by population in the United States.

With 1,563,025 residents, Phoenix serves as the most populous city in Arizona; so as a result, there is plenty of local culture and artistic expression in this city which is located in the “Valley of the Sun.” In fact, there is an effort happening today to breathe life back into the buildings and homes built in the periods of Arizona’s biggest booms.


Beautiful Phoenix Arizona Homes


Pinky’s Iron Doors understands this new wave of upgrades, replacements, and installations and provides the Phoenix area’s largest selection of wrought iron doors and windows for both homes and businesses. If you want to add a sense of elegance and style to your Mission Revival or American Colonial home, then wrought iron doors are a great option. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, these types of doors and windows also add a degree of security to your property as well.

Additionally, if you have a design vision that isn’t available in our expansive showroom, we also have artisans who can bring your idea to life. Give us a call; we have a stress free online ordering process and delivery as well in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

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