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Santa Monica is a sunny resort community that is located in the western part of Los Angeles County. The city attracts year-round visitors from around the world who indulge in the area’s numerous outdoor activities and colorful arts scene. Locals and tourists alike take advantage of Santa Monica’s well-ordered bicycle paths, hiking trails, parks and other green spaces for hours of family-friendly fun. The city’s boardwalk and pier, which are two of its most famous attractions, accommodate rollerblading, jogging and competitive people watching. Street performers at the Santa Monica and Venice Beach boardwalks regale passersby with dancing, skateboard tricks, mime and acrobatics; talent ranges from extraordinary to humorously incompetent.


Santa Monica

Santa Monica’s temperate climate also induces residents and tourists to explore the area’s myriad of boutique shops, retail malls and unique markets. Third Street Promenade is a pedestrian-only, open-air retail district that features a mix of independent and famous name brand clothing shops. Tourists, who are on the lookout for their favorite celebrities, often stroll over to window shop the upscale boutiques on Montana Avenue. A diverse collection of cafes, restaurants and juice bars at the intersection of Main Street and Ocean Park Boulevard offers a refreshing way to refuel after an invigorating day of ocean-side activities.


Iron Doors Just Got a Lot Cooler


A trip to Santa Monica is not complete without exploring the architectural styles of some of the nation’s most sought-after real estate. Intricate wrought iron doors, gates and accessories often grace the exteriors of Santa Monica’s Mediterranean-inspired villas and Spanish Mission Revival masterpieces. The wrought iron fixtures all have a distinctive, one-of-a-kind look that denotes the area's plentiful inventory of hand-forged iron doors. For example, Pinky's Iron Doors has one of the largest showrooms of wrought iron door designs in the area, and the company’s crew of expert artisans create custom looks for specialty items.

Residential and commercial property owners also enjoy the minimalistic, clean lines of contemporary architectural designs. The uncomplicated angles and curves employed in these layouts are often used to showcase stunning ocean views or to provide an uncluttered canvas to sell goods in upscale shops. Contemporary home and business structural designs can be further enhanced by recently released iron door models that feature simple lines, smooth finishes and quality craftsmanship such as those offered by Pinky’s Air Collection.


Santa Monica

Californians are known for their friendly, relaxed attitudes. While chatting with one of the natives, Santa Monica visitors might discover that they can get the same timeless looks of luxury wrought iron doors delivered right to their own homes. Pinky’s Iron Doors uses a proven online ordering system that allows customers to place orders and receive their wrought iron works of art anywhere in the United States.


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