Tour of PINKYS Co-Founder, Dion Der's L.A. Home

Dion sitting on a chair

Dion Der, PINKYS Co-Founder

I live in a quintessential, 1920’s Spanish Revival home in Los Angeles, so it was important to me to honor and celebrate its architectural history, albeit through a contemporary lens.

Welcome Home

Our custom iron front door mimics the charming arches throughout my home, while the expansive glass and custom grillwork create a contemporary contrast.

Frontdoor Entrance

Inside Out

One of my go-to windows is our 'Push-Out' window...It’s perfect for spaces where you may not have room for a full swing out. Along with the utilitarian purpose it serves, it's also a unique piece that people seem to love to see in use.

Gif of window opening
Single Air 4 Flat Top

Privacy Please

Our 'Air 4 Single Flat' Door with Flemish Glass was a perfect solution for a bedroom door that leads to a side patio. I love getting the privacy it creates, without shutting out natural light. Our Flemish Glass gives a watercolor effect to the view, creating what I like to call a privacy painting.

Air 4 Sliding door Air 4 Sliding door

Seamless Corner

Whenever possible, I love to place our doors at corners of rooms to optimize a view. By combining our sliding doors and custom 'Air 5' Door with sidelights, the corner blurs away giving you the feeling of floating in nature. It’s like we live in adult-sized treehouse.

Family Time

We converted a small patio off our dining room into our outdoor kitchen and pizza station. I love making pizzas, but I didn’t want to be closed off or too far away from my family when I'm out there. An expansive glass 'Air 4' Door keeps me in all the action, so I don’t miss quality family time.

Air 4 Single Door and Casement Window
Air 5 Double Door Exteriour Door

Custom Baby…

One of my favorite doors in our entire collection is our 'AIR 5' series, seen here in a custom proportion. Modern, elegant, and edited down to perfection. Sometimes less is more.

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