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PINKYS LOCK w/ Round Knob in Black
From $295.20  $328.00
For All Doors
From $295.20  $328.00
Air Deadbolt
From $135.00  $150.00
For All Doors
Emtek Round Key-in Knobset
From $157.50  $175.00
PINKYS LOCK w/ Lever in Brass
From $295.20  $328.00
PINKYS LOCK w/ Round Knob in Brass
From $295.20  $328.00
For All Doors
From $295.20  $328.00
From $295.20  $328.00

Understanding Door Hardware: Door Locks and Handles from PINKYS

A lock is the first line of defense for your home against intruders. Your front or rear door lock prevents unwanted entry and is often bolstered with the use of lights and other deterrents. Yet it also needs to be easy to unlock so you can gain access to your home quickly should you need to. But while security is essential, you don't want to feel like you're living in Fort Knox. It shouldn't take you half an hour to get into your own home every day.

But beyond security, careful consideration should also be given to the look of the lock. Big, bulky locks and handles can disrupt the overall appearance of your home. If you've invested in beautiful exterior doors, the last thing you want is clunky locks ruining your chosen aesthetic.

Here at PINKYS, we believe in combining security with beauty. Just as our doors are infused with artistry and joy, our compatible locks add to those aspects while giving you security and peace of mind.

The Different Types of Door Locks

When it comes to doors and locks, it can be useful to know some of the technical terms used by professional locksmiths and housing contractors. Door locks are also called door hardware or entry hardware. Other types of door hardware include the hinges and even the screws or rivets that hold the door together. With all this, it should come as no surprise that without the right hardware, the entire door may not operate effectively or have the right look. 

So, what types of locks do homeowners invest in? Let’s look at the most popular styles.

Cylinder Locks

One of the most popular and effective locks, and most external doors have these. As the name suggests, a cylinder lock's mechanism is housed inside a simple tube that's usually fitted flush to the surface of the door handle. The lock is operated with a standard-looking door key. PINKYS locks are an example of high-quality cylinder door locks. 

Lever Locks

A simple latch that can be operated by a lever is often preferable for internal doors. Some lever door locks have a split security system: they're opened by a key from the outside, but the person in the room can simply flick a lever or twist a knob.

A lever door lock is not necessarily the same as a lever door handle which, rather than a knob, is an elongated piece of metal that is pushed down to open the door. A lever door handle is often paired with a cylinder lock but may come with any door lock type as well.

Deadbolt Door Locks

A deadbolt is a type of door lock that secures the door to the jamb with a bolt that cannot be jimmied open. It is usually operated from within the property or room. It uses a switch, lever, or knob that prevents anyone from unlocking the door from the outside. Deadbolts provide an additional level of security for anyone concerned about unauthorized access.

Mortise Locks

A mortise lock requires a large section of the door to be prepared for the mechanism which includes a deadbolt. These locks are quite old-fashioned and come with the traditional keyhole. Because the keyholes are larger, they can compromise the energy efficiency of a home and make it harder to regulate the temperature.

Features of Good Door Locks

When you choose to update your home with a beautiful entry door or patio door, you want to know that it will also keep unwanted visitors out. That's where a high-quality lock comes in. Even though there are popular brand-name locks on the market such as Schlage and Kwikset, there's no guarantee that these door locks will match the style of your door. It's best to contact the door manufacturer such as PINKYS to see if they supply their locks.

A great lock should combine style and function. It should be simple to use yet secure and carry on the theme of your home's style and personality.


Your door lock should keep your home secure while being easy to use. It should turn smoothly, not stick or jam. Door locks should also be intuitive to operate and not overly complicated. When locked, it should be impossible for anyone without a key to gain access through the door.

A door lock should also be durable. It's normal to scratch and mar a lock while trying to insert a key when trying to get in your home, especially if you have your hands full or you're rushing. But high-quality locks shouldn't suffer from highly visible scratches and dents unless you really pummel them. If your lock plate is easily scratched, this could be a sign that it needs replacing. 

Designed to Match Your Door

The best locks are designed and manufactured by the same people who make your doors. This is because they can ensure the look and finish match the door, and become a part of the overall aesthetic. The alternative is a lock that looks out of place and disrupts the overall appearance of your home. You might find you’re jarred by this every time you look at it, and may also find that it impacts the curb appeal of your property. 

At PINKYS, all our handles with integrated locks are designed to give a seamless look to your door. We make sure your door hardware doesn't stand out and spoil the overall style. 


A door lock should work properly for many years to come. If you have to oil or grease a lock in your home weekly, that could be a sign that it's faulty or simply not up to standard. Consider sourcing a replacement.

Door Locks: Choice and Quality

So what are the options when you buy a lock for your door from PINKYS? Not endless, but close. We have a wide variety of locks for external and internal doors, and in a range of colors and finishes to match your chosen door.

Privacy Door Handles

A simple round door knob with a lever or switch lock means you can quickly achieve privacy in a bathroom or dressing room. They're easy to operate with one hand so they’re ideal for busy family life. This Mesa Privacy Knob is finished in sleek black, ideal for any iron or steel door, and is available for both single and double doors. You can get the same design in a passage door knob which features a similar turning mechanism but without the lock.

Wiltshire Iron Door Locks

These door handles incorporate both a secure cylinder lock and a thumb-operated lever for easy opening of the door when it's unlocked. This hardware makes it simple to access your home while also providing a high level of security. The Wiltshire lock is also stunning to look at, with a curved, eye-catching handle and a range of finishes. Each set also includes dummy locks, so you can mimic the features of a secure system or match it to another set you already have.

Brass Locking Lever Handles

Brass presents a bright and bold finish, and matches or complements many of our current door designs. Selecting brass with a darker tone, like our oil-bronzed finish, creates a breathtaking contrast. Each brass handle is a lever on a rectangular base, with straight lines and hardware designed to fit in with any PINKYS door. There's a secure cylinder lock, operated with a key externally and with a lever internally.

Round External Door Handles

If you want something different from the standard lever-style handle, why not opt for round handles instead? These external door knobs are easy to operate, and like the brass levers described above, they combine a cylinder and lever locking system. Select from one of these black round handles, available for both single and double doors, and with dummy locks included for the double doors.

We also provide accessories such as inexpensive lock strikes to reinforce the security of your home. 

Purchase Door Locks for Your Home With Confidence from PINKYS

PINKYS has supplied doors, hardware, and accessories to people with beautiful homes across the United States and our team of expert designers has earned their trust. We have outstanding ratings on Google, Yelp, and Houzz. You can check out the comments of many of our delighted customers on our reviews page here. 

When you purchase a lock from PINKYS we ensure that:

  • Your lock is compatible, i.e., it will work properly with your specific door.

  • The style and design of the lock will match your chosen door.

  • The locks are shipped un-installed so they're not damaged or cause damage in transit.

  • Installing the lock is a simple DIY job; we can provide detailed installation videos.

  • Our doors are custom-made to your specifications, and you can easily order additional locks or accessories that we carry.

If you have any questions about the door lock-buying process, please contact a member of our team for additional information. All our door accessories and hardware are made to the highest standards of functionality, as evidenced by the many satisfied customers. If you don’t see the specific lock or other hardware you want in stock on our website, drop us a message and we'll work with you to find the right door and lock combination. All locks listed on our website are compatible with any PINKYS door so you can focus on the look rather than the technicalities of the hardware. 

For iron and steel exterior and interior doors and accessories in a range of styles inspired by the California spirit, browse our site today to view the complete collection. We're happy to offer expert door and lock advice and products to enhance your home’s security and looks.