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Air 5 with Side Windows - Double Flat
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Air 5 - Double Mini Arch
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Air Getty - Double Arch | Standard Sizes
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The Finest Double Steel Doors at PINKYS

Grand, elegant, and sophisticated—are just some of the adjectives most commonly associated with double-door entrances. That's one of the reasons why they have, historically, been used on some of the most regal and refined of properties like mansions, manors, palaces, and more. But, increasingly, double doors are also being featured on modern-day residential and commercial properties of all shapes and sizes.

They may be more widespread nowadays, but double doors still have that same allure, that same unique character and poise that sets them apart from their single, traditional counterparts. When they're made of steel, like the double doors in the PINKYS collection, they're particularly spectacular, boasting strength and durability to go along with their distinctive beauty and refinement.

Reasons to Choose a Double Door Over a Single Door

Double or single? That's the question. A question that many homeowners find themselves pondering as they consider a fresh addition to their home's facade, or a new interior door to separate their living spaces. Well, there are arguments to be made in favor of both options, but for now, let's focus on the unique advantages that only double doors can provide.

A Fabulous First Impression

If you want to make a statement, to turn heads, to wow passers-by, and make your mark on visitors to your home, a double door is the way to go. Without a shadow of a doubt, these kinds of doors are impactful. They can transform the facade of a home and elevate the very concept of curb appeal to whole new heights.

Bringing an instant jolt of elegance and class, wherever they're installed, they can turn even a bland and boring home into something special. That's just one of the reasons why they've always been the entry door of choice for the most glamorous and prestigious of properties, like the aforementioned palaces and mansions.

Space, Convenience, and Unrestricted Access

Aesthetics aren't the only area in which double doors excel. They're also notably more functional than single doors, in more ways than one. Providing twice as much space as a single door, they're so convenient for those moments when you need to move large items—like chairs, tables, and beds—in or out of the home.

Let's say you're getting a big delivery of a brand-new sofa. Trying to squeeze it through a single-door space can be a challenge—in some cases, the door even has to be taken off its hinges to provide those extra inches of space you need. With a double door, there's no such hassle. Even large and unwieldy items can pass through the gap with ease.

Enhancing an Entrance

There's something special about stepping through a pair of double doors. It's not just a mundane, everyday occurrence, it's an experience—the kind of experience that triggers a genuine emotional response in many people. That's exactly what you, and all who visit your home, will be able to enjoy should you opt for a double-door entrance.

These doors also have a knock-on effect on their surroundings. They make the entire entrance space, inside and out, feel grander, more exciting, and more profound. When paired with a range of other decorative elements, like sidelights, transoms, lanterns, plants, and more, the effect is simply staggering. It's a great way to set the scene for new visitors to your home, wowing them before they even step inside.

A Connection with the Outside World

When installed on the exterior of a property, like at the front as an entrance, or at the rear leading onto a deck or patio, double doors can work wonders at bridging the gap between outside and in. This is especially true of double doors with lots of glass in their design, like the PINKYS Air 5 Double Flat, Air Lite, or Air 4 Double Full Arch.

With so much glass and such wide openings, double doors let lots of light into the property. Like gigantic windows, they can illuminate an entire space, all on their own. On sunny days, you can throw them open, letting in fresh air alongside the natural light, and truly feeling at one with nature. In short, they're among the best options for those looking for an indoor-outdoor effect in their home.

Adding Value to the Home

When considering any kind of addition or upgrade to the home, it's important to assess how that addition may impact the property's value. Ideally, every upgrade should bring more value to the home, so that one day, if and when you decide to sell up and move on, you'll be enjoying an easier and faster sale, with a better price at the end of it.

Double doors, especially those made with strong steel hardware, like those in the PINKYS collection, bring value wherever they're installed. They can certainly help you enjoy a faster sale process, should you ever decide to sell your home. Even if you don't decide to move, it's reassuring to know that double doors effectively pay for themselves by boosting the potential price of your property.

A Wide Range of Double Door Styles and Designs

Another awesome aspect of double doors is their incredible variety. From traditional variants to more modern and minimalistic offerings, there are options to suit all tastes and themes. In fact, you can find double doors in almost any material, finish, paint, size, and design imaginable, from strong and sturdy steel doors to more rustic options.

What's more, the best double door providers, like PINKYS, offer a vast selection of ways to customize your double doors when you buy them. You can add sidelights and transoms for even more natural light flooding through into the home, pick from different glass pane varieties for extra energy efficiency, and so on.

What Makes PINKYS the Right Choice for Double Steel Doors?

At a surface level, it's easy to mistakenly assume that most double steel doors are more or less the same. But that's simply not true. The very best steel doors, like those featured in the PINKYS collection, offer distinct advantages over the rest, bringing bonus strength, security, beauty, and poise to their owners.

An Experienced Provider of Artisan Doors

Some of the best things in life take time. It takes time to learn a skill, to hone a craft, to perfect a product. Fortunately, we've had a lot of time for all of that, having been founded way back in 1978, making PINKYS one of the longest-running providers in the entire industry of artisan door design and manufacture.

With time, comes experience. Through experience, trust is earned. Over the years, PINKYS has proven itself a capable, reliable, and passionate provider of beautiful, strong, and well-crafted doors, earning the trust of countless clients along the way. You can count on us to deliver the kind of double doors you can feel proud to have as part of your property.

Doors Made with Passion

At PINKYS, we believe in the power of passion. We'd go so far as to call it a fundamental, essential element in the formation of any great creation. After all, how can any artist, artisan, or other creator make something truly great and special, if they don't feel passionate about their work? It's simply not possible.

Fortunately, PINKYS has passion—passion to create the greatest possible products, to exceed customer expectations, and to push the boundaries of what a door or window can be. It's our motivation, our driving force, the fuel for our fire, and we bring that same level of commitment, care, and concentration to every door we design, from simple single doors to grand double doors.

Inspired by the Sunsets of Southern California

PINKYS isn't merely based in Southern California, we're inspired by it. In the same way, a muse can inspire an artist to craft a masterpiece, the inimitable, breathtaking beauty of this part of the world—especially its spectacular sunsets—is what pushes us to create the kinds of double doors that transform homes.

In every door we make, we aim to capture a little of what inspires us, to bottle some of that SoCal sunset magic and sprinkle it into our creations. The result? Doors that are timeless, impactful, and resonant, just like the sunsets that inspired them. Enjoy the view.

An Array of Customization Options

Customization is a big part of modern life, and it's not hard to see why. In a world of mass-produced, copy-paste products, people want items that feel unique, personal, and tailored to meet their precise needs and situations. That level of individuality is particularly important when it comes to home additions, the kind of items you see and use every day, like doors.

That's why PINKYS prioritizes customizability across our entire stock. All of our doors come with at least some degree of customization potential, with buyers able to select from various frame sizes, colors, jamb thicknesses, swing directions, and so on. At PINKYS, you don't have to settle for a door that isn't quite right. Instead, you can work with us to design one that precisely meets your needs.

A Vast Array of Styles in Stock

Perhaps you're looking for a chic and minimalistic set of double doors to pair perfectly with your home's pared-back, Scandi style. Or, on the contrary, maybe you're looking for double doors with a little more grandeur and elegance, blending beautifully with the ornate interiors or fancy facade of your Colonial or Mid-Century home.

From sleek straight-line frames—like the Air 5 Double Flat—to the gentle arcs and curves of the Getty Double Arch, you'll find all sorts of options in stock in the PINKYS product catalog. We also offer double doors with built-in extras, like the Air 5 with side windows for even more natural light in your home, or the Air 4 with thermal break technology for improved efficiency.

The Highest Quality Standards in Materials and Methods

At PINKYS, we strive for greatness in all we do, from the smallest and simplest pieces of door hardware and hinges right up to our grandest and most decorative double-door designs. We impose the strictest standards of quality on ourselves and our work, and we never settle for anything less than the very best in our output.

As such, you can rest assured that every PINKYS door, regardless of its style, size, or design, has been crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. We use only the finest materials—like the strongest steel and glass—for each product, combined with tried-and-true artisan production techniques, delivering doors that are designed to impress and built to last.

Strong and Long-Lasting Double Door Designs

There are plenty of materials that can be used for making double doors. Fiberglass, composite, and aluminum are but a few examples. But, for all their features and aesthetic qualities, many of these materials simply aren't made to last any serious length of time. They wear down, wither, and even rot away as the years go by, requiring replacement before too long.

That's why we eschew weak and high-maintenance materials in favor of strong, sturdy metals, like steel. Famed for its resilience and durability, steel won't bend and break as other materials do. What's more, in the hands of PINKYS' master craftsmen, the full potential of steel is revealed in the most alluring and exciting door designs.

Order Your New Double Doors Today at PINKYS

Maybe you're looking for a value-adding upgrade to your property or a game-changing addition to your home's facade. Perhaps you want to evolve your entryway, making it grander and more useful, or enhance some other space inside your home. In either case, a set of double doors could be the answer, and PINKYS is the place to find them.

Take a look through our full collection of beautiful double doors to find your favorites. Or, if you've got any questions or want to learn more about what makes PINKYS doors so special, get in touch with our team today.