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Air 4 Interior - Side Window
From $635.25  $705.83
Air 5 Interior Side Window
From $612.57  $680.63
Air Lite Interior - Flat Top Window - 30" x 24"
From $544.50  $605.00
Air Lite Interior - Flat Top Window - 42" x 24"
From $762.30  $847.00
Air 4 Interior - Flat Top Window - 42" x 36"
From $1,143.45  $1,270.50
Air 4 Interior - Flat Top Window - 30" x 36"
From $816.75  $907.50
Air 4 Interior - Flat Top Window - 30" x 54"
From $1,225.13  $1,361.25
Air 4 Interior - Flat Top Window - 36" x 36"
From $980.10  $1,089.00
Air Lite Interior - Flat Top Window - 30" x 12"
From $272.25  $302.50
Air Lite Interior - Flat Top Window - 32" x 24"
From $580.80  $645.33
Air Lite Interior - Flat Top Window - 42" x 12"
From $381.15  $423.50

Creating the Perfect Entryway: Doors with Fixed Panels from PINKYS

What's better than that feeling of coming home to your beautiful, welcoming house?

It's even better when the entry to that home is through a stunning, artisan creation from an industry leader in decorative yet functional iron and steel doors. 

Your front door can be as unique as you are and certainly doesn't need to be one single, hinged panel. It's possible to complement the moving sections of your door with fixed panels that combine stability with aesthetics. In this article, we’ll explain:

  • What exactly fixed panels are?

  • How they're used in indoor design.

  • The benefits of a fixed panel door.

Understanding Fixed Panel Door Design

A fixed panel is a section of the doorway that always stays in place. These panels can be transparent, usually made of glass, or solid, made of wood, metal, or other durable materials. It's any part of the door apart from the moving, hinged panel that you open to enter or exit your home or a room in the home. A fixed panel (or several) provides a wider, more ornate frame for the door. However, as you'll see below, there are additional benefits, too.

The Benefits of Fixed Panels

Panels in various styles help you make your home truly unique. Stamp your personality on your patio doors or entryway. A fixed panel is also useful for bringing in more natural light and creating feelings of space.

Bring Additional Light into Your Home

Whether your home is large or small, spacious or cozy, it can always benefit from more natural light. Sunlight can improve your mood but it also helps highlight your favorite parts of your home. Plus, in a narrow entryway, additional light can help when getting ready to go out or trying to find your favorite pair of shoes.

Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

Additional windows or sidelights have the added benefit of making even the tightest spaces feel larger. Even a slim glass panel can illuminate areas of your home, effectively transforming cramped or cluttered areas and making the space appear more open and welcoming. 

Complement Any Interior Design Theme

Whether your home design theme is:

  • Modern and contemporary

  • Mid-century

  • Vintage chic

  • Completely unique

You will definitely find a fixed panel door that matches your style. It's also possible to use your doorway to continue themes from the outside into the home. For example, if you've got iron railings or other metal work in your garden, you could match the look of those with your entry or patio doors.

Types of Fixed Panel

So, what types of fixed-panel doors are available? With PINKYS, many of our fixed panel options are modular and can be arranged to match your space. If you're not sure which is right for you, get in touch and we'll happily help you through your options.


A sidelight is a panel that's installed on one or both sides of a door. These panels are often the same height as the door and may be fully transparent or partially transparent. However, sometimes the sidelights are smaller, and they can be solid, such as a panel of natural or decorative wood. Transparent sidelights have the dual functionality of framing the door better and allowing more light into an entranceway.

Take a look at this Decorative Sidelight for an example of how glass and ornate ironwork come together for a beautiful result. As a bonus, these sidelights include polyurethane dual foam in the frame to maximize temperature regulation.


A transom is a fixed panel that sits atop your doors. Transoms are always decorative and never a moving part of the door. They can be square, rectangular, or even arched. Most transoms are at least partially transparent, essentially adding another window to the home. However, like sidelights, it is possible to find solid transom panels.

Technically, the transom is the beam that separates the door from the window above it. These days, even in architectural design, most people refer to the window as a transom or transom window.

Square Panels

Simple square or rectangular panels can also transform the look of your home. It's quite common to find these used to surround a door, creating a light, airy frame. With patio doors, you might also find a large, central fixed panel with two doors on either side. It's about finding whatever works best in your home. 

False Doors

You can create the look of a double-door entry without having to have two moving sections. Many designers use a series of fixed panel options around a door to fashion a wider, more impressive entry.

Fixed Panel Front Doors

There are so many different styles of exterior doors that include a fixed panel. Take a look at some of the options available from PINKYS.

Paris with Side Windows - Single Flat

Combine flowing metalwork with the glass of your choice in the Paris entryway door. Available in finishes ranging from Oil Rubbed Bronze to Brushed Silver, these doors bring a touch of romance to your home. The single-panel door is framed by stunning sidelights which continue the swirling, geometric patterns. A real statement piece.

See the Paris doors here.

Roadtrip With Side Window - Single Flat

Bring the spirit of the California road trip home with these desert-inspired doors. The cactus design is fun and quirky. However, the door architecture is serious, with polyurethane dual foam to help keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. The main door is complemented by a side window fixed panel that continues the cactus theme.

See the road trip doors here.

Fixed Panel Patio Doors

We manufacture fixed panel double, single, or multiple doors which provide easy access to your yard or garden while providing more light and space in your home. Steel or iron frames provide excellent durability and, as with all our doors, you can choose to have them open in whichever direction you prefer.

Air 4 Wide With Side Windows - Double Full Arch

If you love arched doors and windows, you'll definitely be impressed by this member of our Air collection. Designed to bring more light into a home, this full arch includes two central swing doors framed by dramatically arched side windows. The large glass panels make this an ideal option for a front or rear entryway, patio doors, or even room-dividing doors.

See the Air 4 here.

Air 5 With Flat Top Window - Double Flat

Here's another double door that's distinctly different in style. These contemporary steel doors are slim and rectangular, broken into several panels that add personality while allowing light to flow in. The door is topped with a rectangular transom also split into panels. These doors are fully customizable in terms of size, glass type, and swing direction.

See this Air 5 option here.

Buying Fixed Panel Doors from PINKYS

PINKYS creates truly unique and customizable steel, iron, and patio doors for beautiful homes. Whether you prefer something simple or ornate, we can capture the personality of your home with the right entry. Or you can purchase interior doors that you can use for your den, kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms. 

Why Homeowners Across the Nation Love PINKYS

We pride ourselves on trusted craftsmanship and the fact that you'll never see doors like ours anywhere else. Take a look at these other reasons why we serve customers across the nation.

Stunning Finishes

Our expert techniques mean that you'll never have a dull or pockmarked metal door. We know that your doors should complement your home, whether you're looking for an eye-catching entryway or a simple patio door solution. Our doors also come with a choice of glass options from ribbed to frosted and so many more.

Energy Efficient Options

As well as the foam in our frames that helps regulate your home's temperature, you can choose Low-E glass. This reflects light and heat and could help save you money by cutting down on how much you need to utilize your AC system. The structure of our doors also helps in cold weather, trapping condensation outside the home and keeping your family cozy.

Superior Customer Service

Here at PINKYS, we're invested in seeing you get the right doors for your home. You can ask us anything without worrying about how unusual or quirky your home might be because we can make custom versions of any of our designs. We're confident we'll find the right door for you, and our team provides the highest level of customer service throughout. Ask us about:

  • Detailed installation videos for you or your chosen contractor.

  • The FAQs on our website cover most eventualities.

  • Bespoke creations for every space.

Booking an appointment to see examples of fixed-panel doors is easy. Just call (844) 843-6677 to book a visit to our one-of-a-kind showroom.

PINKYS doors capture the essence of California, inspired by the spirit of freedom and creativity that runs throughout the state. If you want to add that spirit to your own home, get in touch with our expert team.