3 Statement Design Trends Featuring Steel and Iron Doors

Now that the long and cozy days of summer are here, it’s the perfect time to plan out a home renovation project inspired by bright summer colors and black steel doors for an added touch of modernity.

There are so many ways to convert your home into a cozy nook for the season. You can fill it with soothing organic textiles, artisan-crafted one-of-a-kind accessories, and contemporary accents, finishing the look with modern French steel doors.

If you’re gearing up for a quick summer home renovation, here are some of our favorite statement design trends that all interior designers are raving about.

Dreamy Refuge with Black Steel Doors

Are you ready to make some audacious changes in your home? Throw out your cans of monochromatic paint and bring in hallucinatory geometric patterned wallpapers with lush floral prints. Bright-colored wallpapers with jewel-toned patterns have an instant transformative effect and can propel any space to a home’s crown jewel.

We also recommend adding vividly colored rugs, charcoal fabric for upholstery, wood veneer, gold-gilded petite chandeliers, and a set of glossy black sliding doors for maximized space and dimension. Add some Chinese bronze vases, spice-colored velvet couches, brass candelabras, and copper-hued pendants to accessorize your space.

Punchy Colors and Obsidian Black Entry Doors

Drench your home in color with dark cherry-red walls, soft pistachio furnishings, and wall-to-wall carpeting in a light and delicate celadon.

We love a contemporary space that is a mix and match of vintage and modern pieces exhibiting personality and sophistication. For this, you must incorporate black steel doors or iron glass doors, trim your walls with marble tiles, and accessorize with ceramic objects.

Languid 70s-inspired glamour is also a wonderful addition to broadcast chicness like upholstery in an array of earthy tones of teal, ochre, and persimmon. Earthy-colored accents look inviting and exude comfort.

Dramatic Geometrical Lines with Modern Front Doors

One of the simplest ways to rejuvenate your home is going for vintage-inspired contemporary furnishings and pairing them with a pair of stunning modern front doors that glow in a delicate glossy sheen.

If you love geometric patterns and want to strike a balance by incorporating texture and soothing colors, we recommend opting for mahogany end tables, modern chandeliers, faux leather couches, woven rugs with flirty fringes and geometric patterns, and traditionally-shaped full-length mirrors.

For striking contrast with your décor, don’t forget to install modern front doors that will become the shining star of your entryway.

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