3 Ways to Make Your Office in Texas Look Gorgeous with Modern Iron and Steel Doors

doors leading to an office

Entrances at the offices play a crucial role in setting the tone of your interior decor because it's the first thing people see when they enter a room or the building. So you need something attractive and contemporary to create an inviting vibe.

Here are some ways you can elevate your office with steel doors and irons doors.

Barn Door Style Steel Door For The Lobby Entryway

So you've got a lobby with a passageway leading to the inner offices? Barn door-style steel doors will add a contemporary and modern touch to it.

A barn door is installed on a metal rod and can be pulled over the opening to close the entryway. The door itself is made of a beautiful steel frame fitted with glass windows to allow light and views to filter in. Installing a barn door can be an attractive feature to incorporate in your modern office that'll delight any visitor at the office.

mini door leading to a garden

Mini Arch Single Iron And Steel Doors For The Balcony

Balconies and terraces are common areas where employees often congregate to have a smoke. A mini arch single door will serve perfectly as it is fitted with glass fixtures that allow natural light to filter in. And along with beautiful views from the balcony garden and the view beyond, it can also look exceptionally stunning at sunset when the sky looks like a painting. The glass fixtures will also help you see who's on break and join them in for a conversation.  

Interior Double Office Door With Sidelights For The Conference Room

 Offices and conference rooms are seen as a status symbol depending on the company's reputation and offer a glimpse into the working environment. According to research, office conditions and working environment have a direct relation to employee productivity and workplace happiness. If the office is not inviting, employees may not wish to work there long.

So, an interior door with glass fixtures and sidelights can beautifully illuminate the interior space and encourage transparency and an open-door policy for employees within the company.

double iron doors

Find Quality Wrought Iron Doors At Pinky's Iron Doors For Your Home in Texas

Want to elevate your office with new iron doors and steel doors? Take a closer look at our collection of interior and exterior doors.

At Pinky's Iron Doors, we have a modern collection of exterior doors like decorative iron doors, French patio doors, and black steel doors, to name a few.

For interior doors, we provide multiple designs like pivot doors, room dividers, sliding doors, Dutch doors,  barn-style doors, steel windows, and pocket doors.

We also provide thermally broken cold weather doors for areas that experience extreme weather changes, so you don't have to compromise on beauty and design.

Check out our website for more information about our steel doors, or call us to place an order for customized steel office doors for your workplace in Texas today.


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