6 Ways You Can Give Your Old-Fashioned Cambridge House a Modern Appeal

Cambridge is home to a predominantly young and trendy population. For this reason, you’ll mostly find contemporary themed houses around the city. Even old houses are being converted to have a more modern appeal.

If you’re also a homeowner in Cambridge who’s looking to add a modern flair to their old and traditionally themed house, here’s a complete guide to how you can achieve this.

1. Color Palette

Modern interior design is all about choosing the right color palette. Predominantly, modern interior comes in neutral color palettes. This includes blacks, whites, earthy tones, and gold. Whether in décor, furniture, or doors, using these colors appropriately will give your space a beautiful and elegant vibe.

When setting up your place, make sure to decide on a color palette beforehand and keep it uniform throughout the house.

2. Furniture

The right furniture can give your space the modern touch it needs. When switching to contemporary aesthetics, make sure to invest in furniture that has a minimalistic feel to it. Steer clear of loud designs and unnecessary elements. Instead, get furniture with straight lines and solid colored upholstery.

You can also choose brass or gold colored furniture to complement the neutral color palette of your house. However, you must ensure that the furniture is elegant, simple, and minimalistic.

3. Lighting

Lighting is a major game changer when it comes to interior design. With the right light fixtures, you can change the way your place looks. Modern aesthetics are all about warm lights, like spotlights, lamps, or fixtures. Deck your place up with appropriate lighting so that it gets an elegant look.

Additionally, modern aesthetics also rely a lot on natural lighting. Make sure that your house has plenty of natural light sources that complement the modern elements in your house.

4. Décor

Getting the right décor for your house is a great way to give it a modern flair. When choosing the décor, make sure to choose minimalistic design. Anything that seems too over-the-top probably won’t go with your theme. Steer clear of loud colors and big designs. You can also choose brass or gold décor to match the neutral palette of your house.

5. Windows

Windows are an important element of modern décor. This is because contemporary design revolves largely on natural lighting. When setting up a modern space, you must invest in high-quality steel windows.

With their minimalistic look, clear glass panels, and appropriate size, you can easily fill up walls with these windows. The simple metal frame and the straight lines are the perfect way to complement the modern design of your house.

6. Doors

Replacing the old doors in your house with new and sleek iron doors is a great way to give your space a quick makeover. Here’s a list of doors that you can add to your house to achieve a contemporary vibe.

Add Pocket Doors to Your Patio

The best thing you can do for your Cambridge house is set up the patio. It’ll elevate the beauty of your whole house and give it fresh look. You can give your patio a modern flair by adding a classic pocket door. These doors are made of high-quality steel and have clear glass panels that allow natural lighting to flow into the space.Additionally, you can also get a clear view of your beautifully decorated patio from indoors. With their disappearing feature, they can successfully open up your floor space. The minimalistic metal frame and the clear glass fill up the wall in an understated elegance, without making the space look cramped. 

Find Sliding Doors for the Living Room

If you’re working with a small living room and you want to increase its contemporary vibe, you should opt for a steel sliding door. These modern sliding doors can be installed in your living room where your house opens up to the backyard. It’ll increase the functionality of your space, give you more room for décor, and complement the other modern design elements in your house.

Get a Modern Entry Door

The right entry door can do wonders for the appeal of your house. It not only creates the first impression of your house; it also sets the pace for the interior design of the rest of your house.

Get a minimalistic flat or arched double French iron door for your entryway. It’ll increase the curb appeal of your house and its simple, no-fuss design will match the contemporary appeal you’re going for. You can also add accessories and hardware such as doorknob, doorknocker, etc. to further enhance the modern theme.

Install New Shower Doors

To give your whole house a luxurious and contemporary feel, make sure to set up your bathroom as well – it must match the theme of the rest of your house. The best way to give your bathroom a clean, modern look is by adding elegant shower doors to them. These doors not only add more functionality to the space, they also lend more character and personality to it.

Replace Your Bedroom Doors with French Doors

Does your room have boring, old wooden doors? It’s time to change them! We recommend you replace the old doors in your room with new minimalistic single French doors. You can choose between flat or arched top, depending on the final look you’re going for. Either way, your room will surely exude more elegance and the doors will match the other modern design elements.

Get Chic Modern Iron Doors at Pinky’s Iron Doors

Contemporary style iron doors are the perfect way to give your house a modern aesthetic. The clean, straight lines and the glass panels of the iron door have a minimalistic look that perfectly complements the modern interior. If you’re looking for a quick way to give your house a makeover, iron doors are the best way to do it!

Get some major door inspiration at Pinky’s Iron Doors’ and check out their exclusive door collection. You can find the best modern iron doors for your Cambridge residence from our wide range of doors. You can also get them customized to meet your specific needs.

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