Back to Black: 6 Trendy Steel Doors Homeowners Love

Tired of seeing the same door designs in homes all over Pennsylvania? You're not alone. Almost all homeowners are constantly making alterations and improvements to their homes to stand out from the crowd.

Some people simply repaint their rooms, while others get all brand-new furnishings and light fixtures. Even if doing so will give your home a fresh appearance, sometimes just a few enhancements can do the trick.

Adding stylish iron doors to your home's entryways and hallways is a terrific first step in this direction. If you want to upgrade from wooden doors but want to keep the classic look, iron doors are a great way to ease into the transition. They give your home an air of sophistication and refinement without looking out of place.

Once a luxurious trend found in celebrity homes, black steel doors have become a staple among home renovators and homeowners alike. Most modern architects and homeowners prefer iron doors to wooden ones since they help a home appear more spacious and inviting.

If you're ready to switch to black steel doors but don't know where to start, you've come to the right place. Keep reading to learn about different door designs and how you can incorporate them into your Pennsylvania home.

Dutch Doors for Cooking and Dining Areas

Dutch doors often feature several steel panels on the bottom half and a single small window on the top. A Dutch door with glass panels on both halves, however, is a novel take on the traditional steel door. They have a unique design that makes them perfect for connecting spaces, like your kitchen and eating areas.

To give you a little perspective, imagine you're hosting guests over for dinner. You can keep the door closed and push the top half open to easily pass dishes from the kitchen to your patio or any other mealtime spot. Plus, these doors let in a cool breeze and natural light to keep your kitchen feeling airy and bright.

Bi-Fold Accordion Doors to Bring the Outdoors In

In contrast to conventional hinged doors, bi-fold accordion steel doors slide open on flexible hinges with a unique zigzagging motion. You can use this foldable door style to divide spaces in your interior or to add privacy to outdoor areas like the patio.

Its compact design and straightforward operation make folding doors a practical choice for patio entries. Install large bi-fold or accordion doors in your patio entrance to bridge the gap between your indoor and outdoor spaces. They fold up into nice little pleats in a corner when you open them – that's a lot of extra patio room for you to use any way you like!

Black Steel Doors for Bolder Entryways

Installing a set of sleek black steel doors as a welcoming entrance will certainly make an impression on visitors and potential buyers. These doors have a grand appearance that makes any entrance look luxurious.

A great way to enhance your home's aesthetic value is to ensure it's well-lit. Find out where the sun shines brightest in your home and place these doors in those spots. Steel doors have large glass panels, so your interior will benefit from natural light all day long, giving the impression of a spotless, bright, and airy interior. Buyers are more likely to raise their offer when they walk into a cheerful, well-lit space.

You Can Never Go Wrong with French Classics

Double flat iron doors are timeless since they are versatile and adaptable in design. French doors, in particular, are an age-old favorite among homeowners since they give any room a Parisian flair. These doors may breathe new life into a dull room while letting in plenty of sunlight.

Single- and double-arched French doors and windows work for any room in your home, and many Erie homeowners are even adding them to their wardrobes! Go for double doors for bigger doorways and stick to the single alternatives for narrow passageways. Their multiple glass panels have the added benefit of making your interior feel warmer and more inviting.

Strategic, Space-Saving Room Dividers

Modern structures typically have fewer internal walls. This is why modern homes are built to accommodate the entire family in a more communal space that serves as a living room, kitchen, and dining area.

With that in mind, homeowners need to get creative with utilizing their space. One way to do this is by placing steel doors in strategic spots throughout your interior. Room dividers are a cutting-edge method of visually demarcating spaces within a single unit.

Use pocket doors, bi-fold iron doors, Dutch doors, or foldable dividers to divide a room without building an actual wall. The iron doors at Pinky's Iron Doors are both attractive and practical and come in a wide range of sizes and styles.

Barn Doors: A Modern Twist on a Country Classic

Not everyone is eager to give their home a sleek, modern design; some want to go for a more edgy vibe. We have the best solution for you if you've ever wanted to bring the outside into your home with a classic country touch. Add black steel barn doors to your exterior and watch your property transform into a charming ranch-style home.

Barn doors are a great way to add character and individuality to any room, especially the kitchen, storage areas, and wine cellars. All you need now are some wooden plank wall hangings and floor accents to complete the look!

Black Steel Doors Perfect for Pennsylvania Homes

Pinky's Iron Doors has been in the business of providing premium black steel doors and windows for over four decades. Our doors are popular among the biggest names in the world, seen on celebrity homes, and featured in top magazines. So, you can count on us for all your door needs.

Check out our website for a huge collection of steel and iron doors, including French doors, Dutch doors, sliding doors, pocket doors, and even nifty room dividers. We can customize any door you choose to your desired measurements and style. Contact us today to place an order!

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