Design Ideas Perfect for Your Pantry Renovation on Your Montana Property

For most homeowners, their pantry is the most important part of their home. A pantry acts as a separate room in your kitchen where you can keep snacks, dry goods, paper products, extra cutlery, and anything else jarred or canned, so your home looks perfectly organized and neat.

You can easily access these things if you have a proper pantry. Whether you have a small space or a bigger one, it needs to have room for everything. How you design your pantry so you can have space for and access to everything you need is important.

Whether you want a walk-in pantry or simple cabinets, you will need a few ideas to properly design your pantry in your Montana home. You can add custom features, an iron or steel pantry door, and focus on getting the most out of the little space available.

Slide Out Drawers and Baskets

Since you're going to use your pantry to store things like dry food and snacks, you will need drawers and baskets to keep your fruits or vegetables inside. When you put your fruits and vegetables in a slide-in-and-out drawer or basket, they will stay fresh for longer. You can easily grab them whenever you need them.

Bread Bins

If you're a bread lover or love a good, tasty sandwich, you need ample storage for bread. You can't place it on your counter. Instead, keep it in a place specially dedicated to the loaves of bread you own. With a bread bin, you won't ever have to worry about your bread getting squished again.

Pull Out Liquor Storage

You're going to be storing all kinds of liquor in your pantry. You can simply add another storage unit in your pantry for your liquor bottles. Add pull-out bins or baskets for small and tall bottles. Or you can have a one-size-fits-all where you store the bottles in a laying down position.

Glass-Front Display Cabinets

You can add a glass-front display cabinet for your serving pieces and less frequently used cutlery. Most homeowners don't use china cabinets anymore. A good way to store and display your bowls, teapots, platters, and other cutlery used for special occasions is in a glass-front display cabinet which lets you look at everything and protects your pieces from dust.

A Workspace

You add a counter or a workspace in your pantry so you can work in peace. For a walk-in pantry, this is a great idea. You can enjoy your time spent in a place filled with snacks, or you can cook while you work.

Pantry with a View

How about working in your pantry with a window for a more sunlit space? Having a window that illuminates your space and makes it look more right and spacious for all small-sized pantries can do wonders. Make sure your window is wide. You can go for a fixed steel window.

Bold Design Features

Your renovated pantry should look just as unique, stylish, and bold as the rest of your home. A pantry is used daily, so you should decorate it in a way that makes you happy. You can choose to go with the color scheme you like. Add cabinets and other functional spaces that stand out.

Paint everything in bold colors. Add patterned tiles everywhere, so it doesn't look dull or simple. You can also add open shelves, so everyday items are on display and simply grab them and go.

A Wine Station

If you don't have a wine cellar in your home, you can create a layout for your pantry that incorporates a wine station. This wine station will also work as a wine storage area. You can set up a dispenser and refrigerator as well to make everything more convenient.

Platter Shelves

Platter shelves are the same as open shelves. You use such shelves to store your serving bowls and platters. You can easily remove the door of an existing cabinet and add more height to your shelf to make it perfect for all kinds of platters.

A Broom and Mop Closet

Just because it's a pantry doesn't mean it can't store other essentials. You can store your cleaning tools like brooms or mops in a separate built-in closet in your pantry. You can store more cleaning supplies here, so they also have a resting place and aren't getting in your way.

Sliding Doors

Sliding pantry doors are perfect for adding charm to your pantry but keeping things simple and feeling pristine. Paint your sliding door for your pantry any color you want but make sure it goes with your kitchen's theme. You can go for lighter shades that look crisp, blend with your walls, and are easy on the eye.

Pocket Doors

Doors can sometimes limit the space in your pantry and kitchen. If you have a smaller space where adding a door would mean hitting the counters and cabinets often, you can use the entry space and wall for a pocket door. It will also help you free up the floor space when the door is inside the wall's pocket.

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