5 Reasons Why Fresh and Summery Interior Spaces Are Here to Stay!

While we adore modern and minimalist interior palettes, there’s something about summer that screams fresh colors and frivolity!

If your space is bathed in neutral colors and textures, it may be time for a much-needed change. In fact, according to Nancy J. Stone, a professor of psychology (Ph.D.) and color researcher, enlivening interior colors uplift your mood and boost energy levels.

If your space has been feeling a little humdrum lately, infusing it with enlivening colors will help restore its vitality and make you feel more energized.

We’ve rounded up five reasons why fresh and summery interior spaces are here to stay so you can jump on the bandwagon while there’s still time!

1. Summer-Themed Interiors Soothe and Relax the Mind

5 Reasons Why Fresh and Summery Interior Spaces Are Here to Stay!

Incorporating fresh flora into your home is a great way to unwind and de-stress. Not only will the summery colors get rid of environmental stressors, but they’ll also boost productivity levels so you feel more equipped to tackle the day!

Whether your living room is infused with potted plants or effervescent colors and textures, the crisp and light space will ease your mind.

We suggest accessorizing your interior space with colorful décor to add a touch of summery softness and tranquility. Strike the right balance between using pastel colors and solid colors to avoid visual overload.   

2. Bohemian Colors Create Interior Harmony


Establishing and maintaining interior harmony is an essential principle of interior design. Even the slightest degree of dissonance can put off homeowners and guests by making the space appear uninviting, overwhelming, or bleak.

Incorporate refreshing bohemian colors into your space to create and sustain striking interior balance. Indulge in canary yellow curtains, teal sectionals, and a deep crimson vintage rug to beautifully pull your space together.

Opt for soft cream lounge chairs to retain visual balance.

Of course, don’t forget to install a pair of stunning black steel French doors that add a touch of classic serenity to your glorious space!

3. Eye-Catching Colors Transform Bathroom Ambiance

While fresh living room colors are a sight for sore eyes, vibrant bathroom colors are equally compelling.

Incorporate fresh bursts of deep aqua and dull gold into your bathroom to spruce it up! You’ll be taken aback by the transformed bathroom ambiance.

Opt for black steel windows to balance the deep cyan explosion.

4. A Refreshing Palette Makes Interior Spaces More Kid-Friendly

As social distancing continues, kids are spending the large majority of their time indoors. And if your space doesn’t look appealing, it’s very likely that your children will feel uninspired and unenergetic.

Opting for refreshing furnishings and vibrant patterns is a surefire way to make your space more kid-friendly. Visual stimulation will help channel your kids’ creativity so they feel more energized, engaged, and zestful.

Transform your B&W living room scheme by installing warm LED lighting and opting for colorful furnishings.

Top things off with high-quality double wrought iron doors that add functionality and elegance to your space.

5. Soothing Interior Design and Décor Never Goes Out of Style

5 Reasons Why Fresh and Summery Interior Spaces Are Here to Stay!


Fresh and summery spaces won’t be leaving our sights any time soon.

Why? Because they’re timeless.

As opposed to being a trend that comes and goes, summer-themed interior spaces carry an air of permanence. There’s virtually no way for a billowy and colorful space to stop feeling inviting and relaxing.

Whether you’re fond of minimalist themes or can’t stop obsessing over vintage design, you’ll find yourself struggling to not fall in love with a classic summery interior plan. The vibrant colors, eclectic décor, and fresh streams of sunlight are the ultimate interior treat.

Kick-start your residential makeover by carving out a beautiful effervescent interior space that makes you feel overjoyed from within.

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