Bringing New Mexico’s Flavors to Your Home with Our Steel Doors

New Mexico is the most diverse state in the United States. From Hispanics to Native Americans, many more influences are native to the region. The blend created from these different races and cultures is rich and beautiful, making you want to take a piece of it home with you.

Another commonly found treasure amongst New Mexico homes is steel doors. From different styles and sizes to a plethora of designs, you'll find it all.

Bringing New Mexico’s Flavors to Your Home with Our Steel Doors

Here's how you can spruce up the look of your New Mexico home using steel doors:

Traditional Sand Homes

Santa Fe has a vast and beautiful collection of sand homes in New Mexico. These homes are built using materials like clay and different sands.

Because sand homes are so simple, it usually comprises of bright-colored steel doors. Most of the doors are solid steel or consist of a small tempered glass window. Florescent blue and red colored doors are very common all over Santa Fe.

You can give your home a touch of New Mexico with colored steel doors.

Large Patios

New Mexico has a profound love for large and expansive patios. No home is complete without a beautiful patio steel door that leads to an astonishing outdoor landscape. Pinky's Iron Doors offer an extensive range of steel doors for a stunning patio entrance. From steel French doors to sliding doors, we have them all.

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Its Wine Country Essence

New Mexico has been making wine since the 1600s. Their wine culture includes massive down-home tasting rooms and wine competitions, and everything else in between. That's why every house has its wine cellar to store these home-brewed wines.

Since wine cellars are so prestigious in New Mexico households, wine cellar doors have a high value in their homes. They are mostly steel doors with customized cutwork for a personalized effect.

You can either consider our wine door collection or create your own personalized wine cellar steel door with Pinky's Iron Doors.

Scenic Landscapes

The outdoors in New Mexico are breathtaking. Whether it be their desert terrain or forested mountains, everything is jaw-droppingly good when combined with their sunsets. To enjoy this, New Mexican homes are all about huge backyards and front yards with water fountains and whatnot.

The best way to enjoy the outdoor beauty in New Mexico is through magnificent oversized arch steel doors. Pinky's Iron Doors can help incorporate the New Mexican touch into your home with our vast arched steel doors collection. Our steel doors offer a black frame for elegant aesthetics with simplicity.

Bringing New Mexico’s Flavors to Your Home with Our Steel Doors

From the art scenes to the food and the unique history, New Mexico has an extremely rich culture that makes everyone fall in love with it. Santa Fe is the oldest established state capital in the US that also has a diverse population mix.

With our steel doors, you get to take a part of their rich culture home with you. Our steel doors act as a great interior and exterior door that can add immense value to your New Mexico home.

Make your home the talk of the town with Pinky's Iron Doors!



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