Home Upgrades to Make Around Your Home in Arizona

 Are you searching ideas to upgrade the appearance of your home without the hefty costs and endless hours? Pinky’s Iron Doors has gathered a few ideas to help give your Arizona home a new look that might require a little bit of work and effort from you.

New Paint

The biggest giveaway of an old house is the drab and washed-out walls. Start by repainting your home one room at a time. Try adding a splash of color through accent walls or go bold with yellow or maroon, or play it safe with cool colors like grey and navy blue.


DON’T forget to use mirrors to accentuate plain walls!

If you’re looking for simpler ways to make your space look more spacious while being aesthetically pleasing, gold or black framed mirrors are a must. You can go big with 6 feet rectangular mirrors or opt for small multiple-sized mirror clusters. The world is your canvas; you can never go wrong with mirrors.


If your house is carpeted, it’s time to pull them out and throw them away. Reveal your hardwood floors or marble floors and accentuate them with small rugs, kilims, or stunning Turkish carpets. 

Add a Vintage Look with Iron French Doors

The best way to spruce up the entryway of your home is through a new door. French iron doors are classy and everlasting. The delicate look with a black iron door frame can add to the aesthetics of your home.

You can use our French iron doors to spruce up your entryway, the patio, or even your home office. Moreover, you can also use these classic French iron doors to lead to your wine cellar doors!

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Go Green

Don’t overlook the importance of beautiful flowers and plants in your house. Call a gardener to freshen up your landscape with seasonal plants, trimmed grass, and bushes. Nothing kills the look of a beautiful house than dead grass and overgrown bushes.

Also, add some artificial plants inside your home for some freshness. Consider using smaller plants in ceramic containers for the bathroom and oversized Cycas plants near the stairways.

Double Casement Windows

If your home has the typical plain glass windows, it’s time to ditch it for a more aesthetically pleasing option. Invest in steel windows, and especially double casement windows. Whether you want to view the summer sunset or just let some natural light in, the large sized windows allow you to do it all.

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Pinky’s Iron Doors aims to elevate the aesthetics of your house through breathtaking irons doors and windows. We focus on the little details, from customized iron door designs to the quality of the tempered glass used; it’s all premium.

Contact us to turn your dreams into reality, whether you’re looking to create a minimalistic house like Kim Kardashian or a hip home such as Drake’s, our expert artisans can help you achieve the perfect look for your home!

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