Expert Mid-Century Modern Design Tips for Adding Iron Doors to Your Home

f you want the entrance to your home to be unique and eye-catching, a wrought iron door is just what you need.

Most modern doors today tend to be sleek and have clean angles, but you can mix in some mid-century designs to create an elaborate look. With glass fixtures and iron filigree work, you'll be able to give your guests a glimpse of the interior before they even step a foot inside your home.

 Here are top picks and design tips for adding iron doors to your Texas home.

Mid-Century Modern-Inspired Geometry Designs

Mid-Century designs started cropping up around 70 years ago, and since then, they have found their way into custom and modern door designs. These designs follow a motif and circular pattern that can be incorporated into the ironworks. Unlike experts' advice on modern designs and simplicity, you don't always have to keep the designs minimal.

You can get creative with geometric patterns and repeating shapes, forming maze-like patterns all over the doors. You can also incorporate the 1920s inspiring art deco door designs and put your modern spin on them. You can use these kinds of doors as French patio doors leading to a modern sitting outdoor sitting space.

front door with planters

Mid-Century Botanical Designs

Flowers and wines look beautiful in any setting, and it takes special craft to incorporate wines and flower designs with circular patterns in an iron door. You can go for an ornate style of iron doors or incorporate flowers on a smaller scale, just to accentuate the design in front of the window panel. This way the design will be visible from afar and won't block the view from the panel as much as other ornate designs would. These iron doors are perfect for entryways as they give an inviting vibe to visitors.

Mid-Century Scrollwork With A Modern Touch 

 Iron doors typically have some sort of scrollwork filigree. You can easily update that style to a more modern and contemporary design with larger curls. These bigger curls would add a whimsical touch to the design in front of the glass panels and allow more light to pass through.

You can also add some branches, leaves, and flowers to add more mid-century design elements. These iron doors will be perfect for your home office or study and help create a grand entrance to your inner sanctum.

two Dutch doors

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