How to Choose an Iron Back Door for Your Contemporary Home

People typically put a lot of thought into their front doors, and with good reason. The entry doors of a house are a prime feature of the home’s curb appeal and can make a great impression on first-time visitors.

But it’s crucial to remember, the rest of the doors and windows in the house are just as essential, if not more. They all connect the interior spaces to the world outside and have their own unique purpose.

And back doors especially are a key necessity in homes. But they are one of those elements in a house that you won’t really appreciate until you don’t have access to one.

This is why choosing a great back door is of utmost importance when you’re remodeling your home, and needless to say, iron doors should be your first choice.

But which type?

Iron French Doors for A Wider Entry

If you want to create a charming wider entry at the back of the house, you could consider French doors.

French doors are widely considered timeless and would work with most architectural styles, including contemporary ones. They’d also add a lot of value to your property, given the fact that they are highly popular and add a lot of character to interior spaces.

Moreover, if your backdoor is located in the living room or other family rooms where you usually entertain guests—the French doors could serve as a connecting element between outdoor and indoor entertaining spaces.

Sliding Doors for Easier Access

Most of us have our backdoors tucked in the kitchen at the back of the house, but despite being so out of the way, they might possibly be one of the most used exterior doors in a house.

From bringing in unloaded groceries from the car’s trunk to your teenagers sneaking about, these backdoors are the real MVPs in the house. And the only way to make them even more functional than they already are is to install an iron sliding door as a back door.

Sliding doors are easier to operate and don’t require swing space either. This is why they’re perfect for tight spots like the kitchen. They can easily be slid open in one swift motion in case you’re carrying heavy groceries!

An Iron Dutch Door for Convenience


Besides sliding doors, another very convenient option is a Dutch door. In fact, we can’t think of a better place for a Dutch door than a back door.

If you choose a Dutch door, you’re essentially choosing another window for the house since it can be used in a similar manner. It’s especially a good idea if you’ve got kids and pets around. The iron Dutch door can be opened halfway to let in fresh air while keeping kids and furry creatures where they belong.

If you need more help choosing a back door, you can reach out to us at Pinky’s Iron Doors. We have an incredible collection of interior and exterior iron and steel doors that you can choose from. We also have some stunning iron entry doors and steel patio doors that you should check out!

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