Why Metallic Doors are Better than Wooden Doors

When choosing a door for your home, consider the material along with design and style. It should be sturdy enough to protect you from external elements and give you much-needed privacy. While wood and PVC were previously top choices, modern homeowners are now shifting to more functional and practical options, like metal doors. From front doors to patio doors and wine cellar doors, you’ll find tons of options. Here’s a list of reasons why metals like wrought iron and black steel are the perfect pick: 

1. Style and Appearance

In terms of class and style, nothing can beat the charm of metallic doors. They have a refined look and work great in all kinds of settings. A luxurious door with ornate scrollwork will work best with a contemporary theme. However, if you prefer simplicity, then a flat top door with vertical bars and glass panels is the one for you. 

2. Reduces Power Costs

You’ll find a range of thermally broken metallic doors, which are specially designed to prevent conduction. So you can expect these doors to keep the heat/cold out during all seasons and you won’t have to worry about spending extra on cooling or heating the house for a comfortable environment. 

3. Boosts House Value

When it comes to home renovations, it’s important to choose options that can boost the real estate value of your house. Wooden doors are highly susceptible to rotting and staining, which is why wrought iron and steels doors are the preferred choice. They look appealing and ensure to tie your entire home design together. You can add gold accents such as a fancy doorknob or handle to prompt higher offers.

4. They’re Highly Customizable

Another benefit of choosing metals like wrought iron and black steel is that you can design them based on your unique needs. Metals can be molded easily, so whether you want intricate details like ornate scrollwork or an arch top with transoms, you can get it all! Once the design is finalized, you can go on to choose a color and the type of glass panels you prefer. While clear glass offers plenty of natural light, many homeowners go for frosted, ribbed,  tinted glass for added privacy.

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