How to Curate a Zen Interior in a San Antonio Home With Iron and Steel Doors

Zen design principles are what you need to apply if your home is feeling too cluttered or overbearing. With some simplification and easy changes, your San Antonio home can start being a much more enjoyable place to be in.

Our iron and steel doors in San Antonio are an ideal change that you can make quickly to ensure that your interior transformation turns out exactly as you envisioned!

Welcome the Morning Light Indoors

One of the best ways to really make your interior feel peaceful is to harness the natural power of the sunlight. We spend so much time indoors that we forget how great the morning sun feels. Keep your circadian rhythms in check with a line of interior steel doors in San Antonio homes that let in the sunlight every morning.

This keeps your home feeling light and airy rather than dark and suffocated. The perfect time to enjoy this is during your morning eggs and cup of joe!

Endless, Clean Hallways

One way to make your indoor space feel relaxing is to design and decorate it cleanly. No cluttered tables or overdone ceiling fixtures! Use natural, grounded materials like wooden beams, straw baskets, and add a plant for good measure like in the image above.

This will help keep things as tidy as possible while adding accents that have calming textures. An oversized modern iron door can add to that with its natural gleam and cool-toned shades.


Create a Relaxation Nook

Have you ever noticed how pet cats have that one spot where they lie for hours on end, napping and stretching all day? That’s exactly what you need to start feeling the magic of your interior space again. Create a small corner where you can lie down, nap, have your hot or cold drink of choice, and unwind.

The little corner one of our clients created above is a perfect example of this. A cushy couch, tiny side table, and large double iron doors in San Antonio to offer calming visuals of your backyard are all you need to start feeling the joy.

Step on Out Instead

Maybe you’re just not an indoors kind of person, or maybe you like spending some outdoor time — either way, your patio is also part of how you can make your home feel more zen. Add some comfy lawn chairs and a table, as well as a patio iron door or French steel doors to connect your interior and exterior. Voila! You have the perfect place to sit and have some alone time.

Get cracking on your interior remodel with our steel doors and iron entry doors in San Antonio today. With an endless variety of iron front doors, steel entry doors, interior steel doors and windows, and contemporary iron doors, we’ve got everything you need to make some huge changes for the better. Don’t forget the discount iron doors in our clearance section!

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