Iron and Steel Sliding Doors

It's astounding how the choice of glass slide doors can transform the design of your home. The right creative decision can bridge the gap between interior and exterior spaces, opening your abode to the outdoors. The first time you witness the blush of the morning light from your home, the breathtaking sight alone will make your choice worthwhile.

PINKYS interior sliding doors

The interior space can benefit from quality slide doors in other ways, too. For instance, a quality glass sliding door can bring two small spaces together. Where a wall would separate smaller rooms completely, this door type will make the home expansive and airy.

Of course, an open home design is an aesthetic treat, but you'll need more than sheer beauty to decide on installing a new door. That's where iron and steel doors from PINKYS come in.

In addition to opening your home to the exterior or replacing a wall with something more akin to an indoor window, our sliding doors are stylish, elegant, and functional. And with iron or steel being your choice of material, your new doors will also prove sturdy and extremely durable.

Let's look at how one sliding door (or several) can bring a breath of fresh air to your home.

Iron vs. Steel Sliding Doors

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At first sight, iron and steel might seem like very similar types of material. While it's true that these materials have plenty in common, paying attention to the details that set them apart will be crucial. It's the only way to ensure your selection results in complete success rather than disappointment.

Comparing iron and steel, you'll find that each material has its advantages and downsides. The glass in your slide doors will be a matter of choice, so your options there will be quite flexible. However, the hardware will determine the essential traits of your sliding doors - their durability, appearance, resistance to the elements, and energy efficiency, in particular.


Iron doors can endure intensive use and stave off wear and tear for a long time. In its natural state, iron is brittle but quite hard. When this material is used for a sliding door, it serves its purpose perfectly, keeping the glass secure and protecting your home from exterior influences.

On the other hand, steel doors represent the pinnacle of durability. An iron-carbon alloy, steel is extremely tough and able to resist even impacts of significant force. In other words, steel sliding doors bring extra security and can, with proper maintenance, stay intact for many years, if not decades. The same applies to steel windows, as well.

Judged by durability alone, steel slide doors are the clear winner, especially when looking into exterior door options. Yet, that doesn't mean iron would be a subpar choice in any sense of the word. In fact, listing the advantages of iron over most other materials would take up a full page of text. The bottom line is that if you're looking for a sturdy sliding door, iron and steel will be ideal - it's simply a matter of how tough the doors need to be.


When it comes to appearance, steel and iron sliding doors will be on even more equal ground. Iron hardware lends itself nicely to various design types, providing an opportunity to create unique styles with a distinct looks. At the same time, this door type doesn't sacrifice its function - an iron sliding door brings you the best of both worlds.

Steel sliding doors have a distinct appearance, too. Choose this robust material for your sliding door, and you'll make the inside and outside of your home that much more beautiful. Plus, with the selection of our finishes, your steel doors will gain a particular aesthetic quality, especially when paired with one of our unique glass styles.

PINKYS interior iron door with frosted glass lifestyle image

If you're having a hard time choosing between steel and iron, looking at some examples will be the best way to go. Both materials bring a certain flair, and picking one or the other will come down to a matter of choice. Customization is another matter to ponder since PINKYS has a collection of glass options. Depending on which glass type you want to be installed, your door could look completely different.

Energy Efficiency and Resistance

In terms of energy efficiency and resilience, the performance of your door and windows will depend on two factors: the material and the quality of hardware manufacturing. With PINKYS, you can rest assured both factors will be at the very top level.

Iron and steel both excel at elemental resistance. In both cases, moisture won't create an issue since the metals are highly resilient to the deteriorating effects brought on by water in any shape. Naturally, unprotected metal would corrode over time, but our top-notch finishes ensure your iron or steel door will stay spotless throughout all seasons.

In other words, the material matters as much as the craftsmanship. This doesn't apply only to the frame, but the hinges, slides, and lock mechanisms, as well.

The same principle applies to energy efficiency. With iron or steel as a foundation, each metal door from PINKYS can conserve heat very efficiently. By reinforcing the contact points between the frame hardware and the glass, we take that efficiency to the maximum. Likewise, our doors won't swing or slide the slightest unless you want them to, so they'll never end up opened unintentionally.

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Placement Options for Your Sliding Doors

Whether you're starting a house renovation project or looking only to replace old doors with a stylish slide variant, where you want the door to go in your home will affect the available styles. Not every door type is suitable for every space, so you might find yourself having to shop around for different products depending on placement.

Entry Doors

As an entry point, your door will be one of the main barriers separating your home from the exterior space - along with the windows, of course. This means the door will need to isolate the space from temperature changes, be sturdy enough to keep up with more intense use and dampen the sound as much as possible.

We've already hinted that steel might be a better option for this door location, mainly because of the heavier exposure. However, don't worry if you've pictured your project with an iron door - they'll do an excellent job for your home entry, too.

Interior Doors

Installing a door between different rooms in your home creates a range of opportunities for utilizing the inner space. For instance, choosing a clearer glass in your iron or steel frame will let more light pass between rooms, while specific glass types can increase the visual appeal.

The visual impression here will, of course, depend on the glass and finishes you choose. For the frame itself, choosing iron will put you on the right track if you want the door to be a decorative element. This metal allows for different ornamentation, although that doesn't mean steel is significantly inferior in that regard.

Patio Doors

The door leading to your patio represents a stylistic element as much as a point of contact between your home and the outdoors. For this reason, this door needs to have both looks and functionality. Iron and steel are just the materials to provide those qualities.

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To keep as much space open, these slide doors include expansive glass surfaces. At the same time, the metal framework is relatively lean, giving you a touch of style while not obstructing the view. Iron and steel will both represent great choices for the purpose.

Sliding Door Models

The design, finishes, width, and other elements will be subject to change relative to the location. Here's an overview of the options in the PINKYS catalog, depending on where you want the doors to be.

Iron Sliding Doors

Iron sliding doors from PINKYS come in two primary variants: AIR 4 and Lite. There's a range of other options for pocket doors or folding doors, but currently, only the mentioned models come in the slide variant.

PINKYS sliding iron doors lifestyle image

Patio options are somewhat unique here. Every patio is at least slightly different compared to the next one, and we at PINKYS want to make sure your new door is the perfect fit. That's why we build this door type according to your request. To keep everything on track, we offer slide doors in all styles from our catalog.

Steel Sliding Doors

Our range of steel sliding doors is very much in line with the iron variants. You can choose a design and customize your door by selecting the exact dimensions, glass type, and finish. As mentioned in the iron section, not all door designs will have the slide option.

PINKYS steel sliding doors lifestyle image

Due to the high-end technology involved in the manufacturing process, a steel door will slide just as easily as an iron one. As a result, you can have the convenience of this sturdy material without sacrificing functionality.

Benefits of High-Quality Sliding Doors

Once you request sliding doors from PINKYS, you'll gain access to all of the advantages of an artisan product inspired by the passion for great design. Let's look at the greatest benefits of installing quality-made slide doors.


First, there's the illumination. Traditional doors often leave little room for the sun to shine through, which means the inside of your home will be considerably darker without artificial lighting. With a sliding door, you can ensure the sunshine reaches deep inside, which can have several beneficial effects.

For instance, your home will look more spacious and overall brighter. But there are health benefits, too. Exposure to natural light can improve your sleep, mood, energy levels, and stress.

PINKYS iron and steel door lifestyle

Extra Space

Next, the sliding design will save precious space within your home. Standard doors need free space for opening, while the slide design doesn't. Once swinging is out of the picture, more square footage of your home will be available for use, which can come in particularly handy in smaller homes.

Better Visibility

With the considerable amount of glass in sliding doors, visibility becomes another benefit, especially for entry doors. You'll have a clear view of the outside, and it will make a massive difference compared to being cut off by a solid surface. Of course, the aesthetic impression will be breathtaking - for most people, no amount of decoration can compare to what a natural environment can offer.

Conserving Energy

A quality-made sliding door will ensure almost no energy you use for heating or cooling goes to waste. Looking at customer reviews for doors and windows, you might notice that one source of frustration shows up most frequently: The heat doesn't seem to stay in during the winter, and the HVAC unit seems to serve no purpose in the home on hot summer days.

With PINKYS sliding door design, such issues will be a thing of the past. Our doors will contribute to the temperature in your home staying just the way you want it by sealing the interior against the environment. The glass will play a particularly significant role here.

PINKYS modern living room lifestyle

Great for Socializing

Whenever you have a larger number of friends and family over, you want everyone to mingle and have a good time together. But that's sometimes hard to do with solid walls separating one are from the other. With the sliding mechanism, everyone will get the opportunity to chat, play, or dance together.

By sliding the door open, you'll turn two separate spaces into a single area instantly. Naturally, this will be perfect for parties, movie nights, and all other similar occasions.

PINKYS Choice of Glass

At PINKYS, we aim to bring the best of Southern California to our customers. Our ideals are a reflection of everything you experience with a Los Angeles sunset, and our designs follow the same philosophy. With us, it's not only about the door or windows - it's about giving you the opportunity to enjoy the view.

And a good view begins with glass. That's why we include several widely different glass types in our designs and let our customers request the specific type that suits their needs the most. You can get our sliding doors with the following glass options:

PINKYS glass sample grid

  • Low-E: The stock variant for PINKYS doors, Low-E reflects UV radiation and heat and is entirely see-through. When the sun hits it at a particular angle, the glass can appear bluish, giving it a unique tint. However, this isn't a privacy glass.

  • Frost/Sandblast: The frosted surface does wonders with diffusion, making it nearly impossible to see into your home. This variant features a distinct look and texture, which is why it's a favorite among our clients.

  • Flemish: Designed primarily for style, Flemish glass won't give you the ultimate privacy. However, it will undoubtedly look awe-inspiring.

  • Rain Glass: With specific inside texturing, Rain Glass is one of the top choices of PINKYS customers. Similar to Flemish, it only distorts the image mildly, which means it's more valued for aesthetics than privacy.

  • Aquatex: Bringing together the best of both worlds, Aquatex looks stunning while obscuring the view from the street.

  • Ribbed Glass: This glass type is ideal if you need to share illumination across different areas without jeopardizing privacy. The glass isn't see-through, but if you turn on a bulb in one room, it will shine right through to the other area connected with a Ribbed Glass door.

Let's Dream In Pink

PINKYS headquarters lifestyle

PINKYS started in Los Angeles in the late 1970s. The company was envisioned and founded by Vic Der-Sarkissian, a passionate and inventive Iranian who came to Southern California with his family. Vic went west to keep his dreams alive, and PINKYS was the right venue for just that.

Southern California served as the inspiration for everything that PINKYS would become. The land for dreamers and an ever-becoming cultural landscape, LA was always about creativity and opportunity.

Driven by that spirit, Vic started expressing himself through ironworks. His designs were informed from two sides: the city itself and his artistic background as a jazz drummer in Iran. Drawing on LA's energy, Vic created his artistic work with fervor and unbridled passion.

This very passion transferred onto PINKYS.

Today, our products embody the same qualities that make LA so special. The city is open and free, and every door from PINKYS will provide those exact feelings in your home. Although Vic is no longer at the helm of the company, his two sons - Arin and Dion - keep up with the tradition established over four decades ago.

PINKYS Arin & Dion

The brothers didn't only inherit the dream - they pushed it forward, expanding the considerable legacy of their father. The dream was to connect and provide a subtle frame for a view of the outdoors. Every piece that PINKYS manufactures is a step towards making that dream universal and allowing our clients to dream in pink with us.

That's why what you see matters so much. We want you to get the most out of our designs, and in the glossary of PINKYS, that means one thing: Enjoy the view. Get in touch with us to learn more about everything we have to offer for your home.

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