Match Your Lakeway Home’s Entry Doors to Its Exterior

Adding an entry door in Lakeway homes isn’t really the simple decision, it seems. Residential architecture in the city is varied and diverse, which is why you need to think about the synchrony of the house before you choose your front door.

Here are some basic tips for maintaining the cohesion of your Lakeway home’s façade.

Stone Exteriors

Stone siding is distinctly different from bricked exteriors, so don’t confuse the two! As a classic Texan city, Lakeway has plenty of homes with exteriors built using either genuine stone siding or from stone veneer tiles that add dimension to a classic concrete wall.

Whether your home has cold grey stone siding or warm earthy tones on your exterior, we’ve got options for you. The Beverly Double Arch entry door is perfect for stone siding that needs extravagant designs to go with it! It offers dainty swirls and a curved archtop that can be customized for flat doorways too.

Bricked Home Facades

Bricked exteriors are different from stone in that bricks are usually built using clay, and the classic color for them is a warm reddish-brown tone. Bricks are traditional, reminiscent of a colonial past in most countries — but in the way that they remind us of the past.

That’s why you should upgrade your Lakeway entry door with the Air 8 Double Arch that offers clean lines on the body of the door. This wrought iron door also doesn’t use too much glass, which can water down the effect of the brick. Instead, this iron-heavy door offers a formidable appearance for your doorstep.

Spanish-Style Influences

If there’s one unique type of home that you can find in Texas more than anywhere else, it’s Spanish-style homes. These homes have stucco siding, oblong house silhouettes, and red tiles on pointed roofs. These homes are traditionally larger, emphasize open spaces, and have widened front doors.

We recommend contrasting the curves and arches of a Spanish-style home with the clean, slim frame of an Air 4 Double Door. This door has one-inch fencing and a frame that’s as minimal as it gets. A modern iron door like this one works brilliantly to neutralize the heavy design of the rest of the property.

Contemporary Designs

Contemporary homes are always unique, geometrically balanced, and combine design elements in quirky ways. Whether that means using untraditional colors, shapes, or even room placement — contemporary homes call attention to themselves.

That’s why complementing these homes with the right type of door means going custom all the way. Our team can consult with you to bring the vision you have for a custom iron door to life.

We also provide pre-made and customizable double and single iron doors, patio iron doors, steel French doors, steel doors and windows, and steel entry doors in Lakeway, TX. Don’t forget to check out the clearance aisle for discount iron doors too!

We deliver iron and steel doors to El Paso, San Antonio, West Lake Hills, Fort Worth, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Midland, and other cities in Texas.

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