The Best Location for a French Door

Classic. Timeless. Luxurious.

Ask anyone for the top three qualities a residential door should possess and you'll hear the aforementioned adjectives uttered with conviction. While traditional and contemporary alternatives have given French doors competition over the years, the latter have ultimately emerged victorious each time with their elegance, charm, and unparalleled beauty.

Whether you want to add a touch of sophisticated glamour to your bedroom or make your backyard stand out, custom French doors are an easy option that instantly increases the aesthetic appeal of any space.

We've rounded up some of the best locations for French doors to give you some inspiration! If you're in the middle of renovating your space or considering a fresh makeover soon, these ideas will help you spruce up your home and enhance functionality.

Read on!

1. Make the Most of Corners with Custom French Doors

Add life, vitality, and vigor to your interior space by fitting French doors into corners that would otherwise attract darkness and heavy contrast.

Our regular French doors and lite double flat French doors are two of the best options that will allow natural sunlight to bathe your interior in vivid colors and exuberance. While we recommend opting for living room corners, you could also achieve a similar look by touching up bedroom and dining room corners. 

For extra sophistication that gives your home a luxurious look, indulge in sleek and sensual French doors with sidelights.As the corners are uplifted, your interior space will appear more vibrant, thereby enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

2.Transform Your Living Room with Iron French Doors

As an ideal location for French doors in a home, the living room will let you experiment with a wide range of styles without compromising the integrity of your interior design and decor.

Make the most of its versatility by indulging in dazzling French doors that add to its appeal. We recommend investing in double flat or custom French doors for added depth and dimension. For a soft finish that still packs contemporary style, opt for lite French doors with a double full arch.

3. Contemporize Your Pantry

In 2020, there has been an increase in the popularity of French pantry doors. Their simplicity and contemporary charm make them the perfect staple for a classic kitchen that requires a touch of elegance.

Bring your patio to life by investing in single flat French doors. You can also customize them to fit the personal style and decor of your kitchen.

4.Give Your Closet a Makeover Using French Doors

Are you tired of dull and boring closet doors diminishing your closet appeal? Not only do bleak closet doors affect the overall aesthetic, but they also take the fun out of dressing up!

Breeze in and out of your closet with luxurious full arch French doors or a customized double mini arch plan that instantly adds a touch of contemporary chic to your closet and room.

Closets serve as one of the best locations for custom French doors by virtue of being compact and easily customizable. By giving a glimpse of your wardrobe, your room will benefit from an added touch of pizzazz and fun that enhances the Tumblr-esque appeal of your space.

5.French Doors Make A Luxurious Gateway to Your Backyard

Known for their ability to create a visual bridge between indoor and outdoor spaces, iron French doors create the perfect balance of flow and harmony between backyards and living rooms.

Their classic look will instantly contemporize your backyard while retaining the elements of personal style and flavor. Ultimately, your backyard and living room will look and feel better as you walk in and out for late-night BBQ sessions and evening parties.

We recommend indulging in sleek double flat doors that pack elegance and sophistication.

Ready to upgrade your space by investing in premium French doors? Check out our collection to get started! We also offer a wide range of custom wrought iron and steel doors across the U.S. Make the most of our ongoing sales to find your favorite pieces at discounted prices!

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