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What is Local Delivery?

Make sure you have a minimum of 2 - 3 able bodied persons to help off load the truck. In the event there are no people onsite to help unload the truck upon delivery, the delivery will be cancelled and you will have to reschedule the delivery for a later date as well as repay the full delivery fee. If you wish to cancel your delivery, you must do so 48 hours prior to avoid redelivery charges.


**Must read storage information below to insure that you do not void your warranty because of improper storage




  • A delivery appointment will be made prior to any residential delivery (not to businesses)
  • All residential deliveries are curbside. Drivers will not enter any driveways or private properties.
    Delivery companies will not go into any unpaved roads including but not limited to gravel, sand or dirt roads.
  • Deliveries will only be scheduled Monday-Friday, no weekends.
  • 3-4 able bodied persons are recommended to be on site during delivery to offload from the truck. The driver will not assist with off loading.
  • You will need a #2 phillips drill bit and an electric drill (To disassemble pallet within delivery truck)

During Delivery

We will try to have the delivery service use a lift gate to lower the pallet down to the ground/street level, but due to the size of our pallets, we cannot guarantee this service will be available to you, as regulations state that drivers are not allowed to operate lift gates if anything overhangs from the lift gate. Before removing from the truck or accepting delivery, please visually inspect the shipment packaging and make sure there is no severe damage to the pallet or its contents.

The only tools you will need are a #2 Phillips drill bit and an electric drill to disassemble the pallet and remove each piece one by one (Driver will not allow you to open the pieces separately, but will allow for you to remove each piece from the pallet to get them off of the truck

**Please note, that this delivery does not include inside delivery (Inside ), redelivery (if you missed a delivery and need to reschedule), or any other services that may incur fees. If the driver asks if you would like an inside delivery on site, please deny this, as it will be charged at minimum $100, which you, the consignee or authorized consignee, will be responsible for paying. We apologize, but inside delivery is not available with our shipments.

Good Pallet

Big Bed

Bad Pallet

Fancy Kitchen

Assessing Damages

Visible Damages

If there is any damage to the freight that looks like it got into the boxes of the doors or into the frame as such that there could be considerable damage to the door (examples to the left), please completely deny the shipment and send it back to us at Pinky’s Iron Doors. Do not sign the Bill of Lading. If a shipment with significant damage is not denied, PINKYS is not liable for any of the damages. The consignee, or authorized consignee, should inspect the freight for damage(s) and record any obvious damage to the crate upon delivery. Under NMFC rules, the consignee, or authorized consignee, does not have the right to open and inspect the shipping containers prior to signing for the freight. If there are ANY marks or damages to the freight, the consignee or authorized consignee MUST report and notate these damages on the bill of lading prior to signing for the shipment. Contact PINKYS customer service immediately if any damages are found. PINKYS must be contacted the day of delivery if visible damages are found to qualify for a claim. Once received, you must open all packaging to inspect your order. Any concealed damages must be reported to Pinky’s Iron Doors within 3 days of delivery in order to qualify for a claim, so please open the paging immediately after receiving. Any damages not reported within 3 days of delivery will not be eligible for a claim and PINKYS, nor the shipping carrier, can be held liable.

Concealed Damages

When damage is discovered after delivery, it should be reported to Pinky’s Iron Doors Customer Service immediately (within 3 days of delivery). Once contact has been made, consignee will file claim with carrier. Pinky’s Iron Doors will provide this information. The carrier may complete an inspection. Please hold the freight until resolution is given. Do not Install your door if there is damage upon un-packing & inspecting. Once a door has been installed, we will not be able to accept returns for repairs or for exchanges.
Please also do not dispose of the packaging & pallet if there is damage. The original packaging, crate & pallet will be needed to ship the door back if necessary for repairs.

Damages Examples:

Big Bed
Big Bed Big Bed

Visible & Concealed Damages

For visible damages, the consignee or authorized consignee must report any damage marks to the carrier during delivery to be considered for a claim resolution. Failing to do so will result in an unrewarded claim. The carrier and Pinky’s Iron Doors are not responsible for any un-reported damages after 3 days from date of delivery.

**Please note that any visible damages must be notated not only to the carrier, but to pinkys iron doors as well. Please remove doors and frames from all packaging and inspect the doors. Any damages not submitted to Pinky’s Iron Doors within 3 business days of delivery (Monday through Saturday) will not be eligible for a claim and Pinky’s, nor the shipping carrier, can be held liable. if damages are found, Pinky’s cannot be held liable for any delay this may cause in construction or otherwise due to the time it takes to get your order back out to you once fixed at our Los Angeles facility. If you choose to not refuse a damaged order (door, window, or any of our products) upon delivery because of the delay it would cause to your project, Pinky's Iron Doors, nor the shipping carrier, can be held liable for the damages, and no claims will be possible.


Our doors are packaged for transport only, not for protection against the elements. If for any reason you will be storing your doors until a future install date, please make sure to remove the doors/windows, as well as their frames, from all packaging. Any type of moisture that gets into the packaging will not be able to escape and the packaging could cause the paint to suffocate, causing bubbles and/or rust. If your doors happen to get wet, they MUST be wiped down IMMEDIATELY to avoid this bubbling as well. If you take delivery of your door or window on a day that it is raining, be sure to be mindful of removing all packaging promptly and wiping the units down. Pinky’s Iron Doors is not responsible for any damages due to improper storage of your order or exposure to moisture, water, or humidity. The same goes for doors stored in humid areas. Doors stored in humid areas will need to be opened from transportation packaging immediately to avoid damaging the doors. The Wrapping of the door is only there for shipping/transportation purposes. Examples of the paint suffocating are below.

Fancy Kitchen
Fancy Kitchen
Fancy Kitchen

Good Pallet Examples:

Big Bed Big Bed
Big Bed
Opening Box New

Storing of Doors & Frames

Avoid Damage to Finish on Door and Frame.

Pinky’s Iron Doors is not responsible for any damages due to improper storage or exposure to moisture, water,or humidity.

Our doors and frames are packaged for transport only. The plastic wrapping is only for shipping purposes and will not protect doors and frames against elements such as water

moisture* or humidity**. Please make sure to remove both doors and frames from all packaging if you will be storing them for a future install date. Use towels and make sure to store in a safe place as the frame is top heavy.

*Paint bubbling may be caused by water/humidity if stored in plastic wrapping and left enclosed.

*Avoid any type of moisture from getting into packaging as it will not be able to escape and will

cause the paint to bubble or rust. *If your doors/frames happen to get wet, they MUST be wiped down IMMEDIATELY. *If your doors/frames get wet during offload or during storage, remove doors from the box immediately to avoid damage.

**Doors/frames that will be stored in humid areas will also need to be opened from transportation package immediately to avoid damage.

Match Doors with Frames


Avoid Damage to Finish on Door and Frame Doors are manufactured as one unit with their frames. If you have received multiple sets of the same size door, match the serial number of the frame with the door(s).

Refer to the CAD drawing that is on the packaging of the doors & frame (see below illustration). Ensure you match the entire serial # & do not mix serial numbers between units. Hanging doors on the incorrectly matched frame can result in alignment issues.

Serial Number

Door Serial Number Lineart


Visible Damages

Any feedback to help us improve our services for our customers will be greatly appreciated. Thank you from our family to yours. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any questions, concerns, or anything more we can possibly help you with and don’t forget to send us a picture of your PINKYS products!

Make sure to follow our instructions for storage in order to protect your doors and not void your warranty.