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How to Store Doors & Windows



Opening Wooden Box


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Match Doors with Frames


Avoid Damage to Finish on Door and Frame Doors are manufactured as one unit with their frames. If you have received multiple sets of the same size door, match the serial number of the frame with the door(s).

Refer to the CAD drawing that is on the packaging of the doors & frame (see below illustration). Ensure you match the entire serial # & do not mix serial numbers between units. Hanging doors on the incorrectly matched frame can result in alignment issues.

Serial Number

Door Serial Number Lineart

Storing of Doors & Frames

Avoid Damage to Finish on Door and Frame.

Pinky’s Iron Doors is not responsible for any damages due to improper storage or exposure to moisture, water,or humidity.

Our doors and frames are packaged for transport only. The plastic wrapping is only for shipping purposes and will not protect doors and frames against elements such as water

moisture* or humidity**. Please make sure to remove both doors and frames from all packaging if you will be storing them for a future install date. Use towels and make sure to store in a safe place as the frame is top heavy.

*Paint bubbling may be caused by water/humidity if stored in plastic wrapping and left enclosed.

*Avoid any type of moisture from getting into packaging as it will not be able to escape and will

cause the paint to bubble or rust. *If your doors/frames happen to get wet, they MUST be wiped down IMMEDIATELY. *If your doors/frames get wet during offload or during storage, remove doors from the box immediately to avoid damage.

**Doors/frames that will be stored in humid areas will also need to be opened from transportation package immediately to avoid damage.


Visible Damages

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