Install Guide | Steel Casement Windows

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How to Install Your Window




Our doors use a single brass washer on each hinge. These brass washers are not intended for use as makeshift shims to fix a door rubbing against the frame or any similar issues. The addition of extra washers usually indicates an oversight during the installation process, such as an improperly leveled frame. If your door isn't closing smoothly, revisit the leveling process. Make sure to level at each level point with a 12" level and nothing larger. Use plastic shims to correct leveling issues.

If you have not watched our videos on receiving your shipment or on storage, and you doors have either not arrived yet, or are being stored, click RECEIVING/PICKUP or STORAGE.


Very heavy

Requires 2 or more able bodies

Following instructions must be followed for warranty to be valid

Rough opening must be ½" to 1" wider and ½" to 1" taller minimum

Protect product at all times

  • NEVER leave uncovered
  • NEVER allow the product or shipping package to get wet
  • ATTENTION remove nails from crate prior to removing product to avoid scratching the product

Must be a licensed contractor

Waterproofing preparations required before installation

Always follow waterproof manufacturers instructions and guidelines


Only use scissors and not a razor blade or knife while opening the packaging of your doors, windows, and frames. Blades of any sort can scratch the finish of the paint.



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How to Read a Level

These doors are handmade and leveled at the factory by a few key points of the frame. Using a 12 inch level and never anything larger is necessary because the overall side that you’re measuring level mark on could be level while the specific leveling points could be off. A 12 inch level will show a level point’s reading more drastically than a large level. Watch the video above to see some examples of this.




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Always refer to your local building codes and consult a local licensed weatherproofing contractor in all weatherproofing matters.

We recommend a general minimum set of practices for weatherproofing including proper installation of flashing, a sill pan, a drip edge, and sheathing paper, all shingled together correctly.



Weatherproofing Diagram

When installing weatherproofing, each different component should be installed from the bottom up. With the listed practices, the process would take place in this order:

  1. Flashing of the bottom of your rough opening
  2. Installation of your sill pan
  3. Flashing of the sides of your rough opening
  4. Flashing of the ceiling of your rough opening
  5. Installation of drip edge
  6. Flashing over the vertical of the drip edge
  7. Sheathing paper shingled over your flashing in accordance with local building codes

Make sure that you have the correct sill pan, flashing, and other materials for your jamb and window size.


How to: Touch Up Iron Doors and Steel Windows

(Step 1: For Black and Oil Rubbed Bronze Doors)


Sometimes doors can get small nicks or scratches in the installation process from tools, construction, etc. In these cases, the door will need to be touched up. Use our touch up pen to get a clean finish.



Caution: Only use Blue Painters Tape on Pinkys Product

Avoid Damage to Finish on Door and Frame.

Pinkys Iron Doors is not liable for any damages caused by misuse of tapes and adhesives on your Pinkys product.

Please do not use any tape or adhesive other than blue painters tape to mask, cover,

or for any purpose on your Pinkys products.

If the blue painters tape is needed for extended amounts of time, please replace tape regularly as the sun can bake the adhesive onto the painted area.

If you must use red duct tape for stucco work or otherwise,

please first apply the blue painters tape and mask with red duct tape over the blue painters tape to avoid any contact with the door/frames paint itself

Using any other type of tape directly on your Pinky’s products will result in peeling/bubbling of the paint.

Post-Installation Instructions

  1. Following installation, it's essential to carefully vacuum away any loose dust or debris.
  2. For the duration of construction, shield your doors and windows using materials that effectively guard against dust and debris, covering all glass and metal surfaces. Only ever use blue vinyl painter's tape on PINKYS doors and windows.
  3. After construction and finishing tasks throughout the home are completed, cautiously remove the tape and coverings from your doors and windows. As a final step, use PINKYS Spray in order to give your door a protective layer and amazing shine.

Make sure to check our MAINTENANCE tab in order to make sure you’re maintaining proper upkeep practices!